Already the largest single vehicle market, China is transforming into a major arena for the development of world-leading automotive technology. To highlight and validate the development of automotive technology in China and provide support to innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises, KPMG first established a list of notable automotive technology companies in 2017. 

Since the first edition of the Autotech 50 in 2017, much has changed.  Overall automotive sales have plateaued, leading to a greater focus on gaining market share for the automotive OEMs.  This has lead to additional investment in areas which could lead to product differentiation, ranging from battery technology companies for EVs to innovative services to increase the value of a vehicle against the ubiquitous mobility providers, and enhanced vehicle connectivity.  

In addition, several profiled companies have held successful IPOs, and others have received significant levels of funding or established partnerships with major manufacturers.  With valuations of many automotive listed companies rising considerably throughout 2020, more investment into China’s automotive technology sector is expected throughout 2021.   

In the 4th edition, we identify four categories of innovators in China’s developing automotive technology sector:

  • Electrification
  • Mobility
  • Innovative Services
  • Connectivity

KPMG China Leading Autotech 50 Company List – 4th Edition

Electrification Section

China's Leading Autotech Innovators
Aulton Ebusbar SVOLT
Human Horizons Nassen Automotive Electronics NETA
Shanghai Horizon Qingtao Energy ENOVATE
WM Motor    


China's Emerging Autotech Innovators
First Technology PowerShare Modern Auto
Shineline Power EVS  

Mobility Section

China's Leading Autotech Innovators
Caocao T3 SAIC Mobility

Innovative Services Section

China's Leading Autotech Innovators
Das Master Lechebang Data Enlighten
NEWLINK Carzone Upincar


China's Emerging Autotech Innovators

* Companies are arranged in alphabetical order based on their Chinese pinyin names.

The complete list will be published by section by mid-2021.

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