In today’s fast-evolving business environment – where the unprecedented pace of change is accelerating – efficient supply chains are the lifeblood of our economic future.

Companies effectively responding to the needs and expectations of today’s connected consumers understand the critical importance of maintaining integrated and agile supply chains that maximize the use of modern digital capabilities. These businesses also understand that good supply chains are invisible to the consumer when they work well.

The key threats to Canada’s economic growth as they relate to today’s supply chain networks are diverse and profound. The challenge before us is to translate knowledge and insights into action and new prospects for economic growth.

As KPMG’s 2022 Global CEO Survey reveals, most business leaders agreed or strongly agreed that supply chain risks will have an impact on their business over the next three years. The current hypercompetitive environment calls for businesses to embrace – without delay – the game-changing power of modern digital technology to improve supply chain visibility and resilience, reduce operating costs, unlock data-based insights, and diversify how customer needs are met.

Our view is that first movers will unlock critical advantages.

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