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The private company tax landscape is evolving at an accelerated pace, and with increased complexity. New challenges and opportunities require businesses to be ready to react and pivot. The Enterprise Tax on Demand video series will help to simplify some of these intricate tax issues, and provide valuable insights in 15 minutes or less.

Led by KPMG tax professionals, these quick and informative videos cover diverse tax topics that can help you make sound decisions that support the outlook of your business.

Episode 4 - Selling smart: Getting savvy on divestiture and intergenerational business transfer

Family businesses are time-honoured institutions for a reason. Founding owners often have a plan to see the business grow beyond their years of personal involvement, by keeping the business in the family, selling it to a third party, or transferring ownership to employees or a management team. Each route has benefits and challenges. This episode introduces a range of available divestiture and intergenerational transfer options, and shares tips on how to structure a sale with foresight and planning.

Episode 3 – Planning for tomorrow, today: Key factors to consider in the growth phase of your business

The growth phase of a business is an exciting step, but key decisions made now can have a significant impact on the future. In this episode, Andrea Milo, Partner, Enterprise Tax and Family Office discusses key factors to consider in the growth phase of a business, including building an efficient tax strategy and planning for a future sale or transfer to the next generation.

Episode 2 - Structuring for success: Tax tips for the start-up phase of your private business

The most critical stage in a private business is considering the structure of your business during the start-up phase, as decisions made early on can provide you with significant tax savings. This episode reviews the structural questions owners should address first, and shares tips on maximizing tax credits and incentives.

Episode 1 - Keeping the business in the family: Tax impacts of intergenerational transfers

Family businesses are built to be passed on. And the dream of many Canadian family business owners, is to hand over the business to their adult children or adult grandchildren when they retire. In this episode, Dino Infanti, Partner and National Leader for Enterprise Tax discusses intergenerational transfers of family businesses, and the impacts of Bill C-208.

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