Address evolving industry issues

Despite strong hedge fund returns, alternative investment managers continue to face significant pressure. The demands for regulatory compliance are rising, investors expect heightened levels of transparency and due diligence, deal flow sourcing has become more complex and industry concern around fraud management remains high.

KPMG & your business

Leveraging deep experience in alternative investments, including hedge funds, KPMG’s multi-disciplinary teams can help you meet evolving industry issues and achieve your long-range goals.

Risk & regulatory transformation

Aim to enhance compliance with AIFMD, FATCA and Basel III regulations while keeping costs under control; define more effective risk appetite and risk tolerance strategies; and enhance corporate governance.

Operational transformation

Strive to manage costs by transitioning to new technologies (such as cloud computing), optimizing procurement and outsourcing, strengthening the structure of your domestic and offshore funds and enhancing deal modeling and pricing.

Customer experience & digital transformation

Endeavor to solidify customer loyalty by delivering higher levels of transparency, optimizing customer channels and streamlining your product development and distribution strategies.

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