Strategic Collaboration

Strategic collaboration

Actively collaborating and providing guidance and leadership

Actively collaborating and providing guidance and leadership

Strategic Collaboration

KPMG actively collaborates with the World Economic Forum, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and other key global multi-stakeholder coalitions. The Global Citizenship team provides guidance and leadership across KPMG member firms.

World Economic Forum

KPMG International is a Strategic Partner to the World Economic Forum, helping shape initiatives, projects and task forces, and giving intellectual guidance through senior executive participation. KPMG has a strong presence at Davos every year and regional leadership takes part in the Regional Summits throughout the year.


Enactus is a global non-profit organization mobilizing university students in their communities to develop skills of socially responsible business leaders. Enactus teams develop business projects with a positive social impact during the school year and compete nationally to win a spot at the annual Enactus World Cup.

KPMG International has sponsored Enactus for over 15 years and is currently the Global Presenting Sponsor of the Enactus World Cup. With more than 2,000 students showcasing a host of inspiring projects, Enactus is harnessing the power of entrepreneurial action to drive vital social enterprise projects.

One Young World

One Young World summit is a global forum for young future leaders. The annual three day event provides a global platform to develop, empower, engage and network with the best and brightest people – helping them to grow into socially responsible business leaders. Our delegates join 1,300 other young leaders to debate and formulate positive, actionable solutions for the world’s most pressing issues.

Junior Achievement Global

Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide is a not-for-profit organization addressing the social and economic challenges of over 10 million young people. JA provides hands-on financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work-readiness learning, enabling students to use their skills to strengthen their families, communities, nations and economies.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

KPMG International actively participates in the WBCSD, with KPMG professionals from across our global network.  Our involvement is focused within the Social Impact Cluster, where we participate on the Board, in addition to the Redefining Value workstream, Greenhouse Gas Management and the Future Leaders Team.

Human Rights

KPMG International's Human Rights Statement is in accordance with the UN's Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The statement lays out our commitment to respect human rights within our sphere of influence and builds on our long-standing support for the United Nations Global Compact.

Women's Empowerment Principles

KPMG International is a signatory of the UN's Women's Empowerment Principles, which offer guidance to business on how to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community.

Please visit Our People & Culture website for more information on our diversity programs.

UN Global Compact

KPMG International is a proud signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, a principles-based initiative that aims to influence the creation of a more sustainable and inclusive global economy. As the world's largest corporate citizenship initiative, its purpose is to demonstrate and build the social legitimacy of business and markets.

International Integrated Reporting Council

Integrated reporting is designed to reflect the broad, longer-term consequences of organizational decisions, based on a range of factors, to create and sustain value. We are an active participant within the IIRC, with several KPMG professionals working directly with the IIRC as official representatives of KPMG International, in addition to partner and employee involvement across the globe. Learn more about KPMG's view on the Future of Corporate Reporting.

Awards and Recognition

KPMG people across our network of member firms work diligently to reduce their individual impacts and collaborate with suppliers and clients. Here are examples of awards and recognition we have received over the past 12 months:

KPMG in the UK was awarded a 4-star ranking under Business in the Community's new, more stringent ratings system, placing it among the 10 leading companies in the 2014 index.

KPMG International was named by the International Accounting Bulletin as the Sustainable Firm of the Year in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

KPMG International was awarded the Golden Peacock Global Award for Sustainability in 2014.

KPMG recognized for 2013 CDP Response

KPMG International’s efforts to tackle climate change were recognized by the CDP, with our 2013 CDP Response earning 'Best Supplier Response in Switzerland.' The CDP is the largest repository of corporate data related to greenhouse gas emissions, based on annual climate change questionnaires completed by thousands of companies.  As part of the CDP’s Supply Chain program, several significant KPMG Global Accounts ask KPMG to respond to the questionnaire on their behalf.

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