Promoting development

Promoting development

Inclusive development seeks to ensure benefit from economic and social development.

Inclusive development seeks to ensure benefit from economic and social development.

Promoting inclusive development

Inclusive development seeks to ensure that all people benefit from economic and social development. This is fundamental to our work and can be seen on our approach to tackling poverty with our commitment to the Zero Hunger Challenge; promoting financial inclusion through client services and community initiatives; issuing collaborative research with the World Economic Forum (WEF) on topics related to development, such as The Future Role of Civil Society; and improving disaster resilience by enhancing preparedness and supporting affected people.

Supporting the Millennium Village

Sub-Saharan African countries and is a collaboration between the Millennium Promise Alliance, the Earth Institute at Columbia University and various United Nations Agencies, governments and other organizations. With the ambition to enable and facilitate communities to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), nearly half a million people are now seeing first-hand that change is possible.

Supporting the Millennium Village KPMG and Millennium Promise delegates meeting with the government in Zanzibar

KPMG's support for the MVP began as an initiative of our Women's Advisory Board with KPMG in the US 5 years ago. At first, we recognized that the MDGs impact women -- in terms of education, maternal care and equal pay for equal work – all things our Women's Advisory Board cares about. The MVP enabled us to broaden our agenda, to engage the KPMG network on a global scale to help in a very concrete way to improve the quality of life in a specific community. In our case, it is the village of Kiuyu, Pemba, off the coast of Tanzania. Ultimately, KPMG member firms and people in 18 countries have joined together to support the Kiuyu MVP.

Over the past 5 years infant mortality has decreased significantly, there is electricity, improved communication links, new school classrooms and a new maternity ward and refurbished health care facilities. Pemba is a coastal village where income from seaweed farming has increased and catalyzed new agriculture, creating sustainable employment opportunities.

Being a good global citizen and contributing to our communities is fundamental to our purpose as an organization, and our continued support for the Kiuyu MVP has made the KPMG network a better global citizen.

Improving disaster resilience

Improving disaster resilience Homes destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan being rebuilt by Red Crossdevastating damage to areas of the Philippines. In May 2014, KPMG signed up to support the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) under which KPMG donated US$450,000 to aid to support 605 families affected by Typhoon Haiyan to restore, enhance, protect and diversify their livelihoods.

In total, KPMG raised over US$1.1 million in donations across the network with just over half the funds immediately released (mostly to the Red Cross and Oxfam) for life-saving relief activities. In addition to supporting the restoration, strengthening, and protection of livelihoods of families affected by the typhoon, KPMG has contributed to programs to rebuild, using `build back better and safer' approaches; supporting improved access to health services, water and sanitation; and promoting improved practices for disaster preparedness.

KPMG in Vietnam, Gift of Sight

2014 marked the 20th anniversary of KPMG in Vietnam.

To celebrate, the firm wanted to embark on a project that highlighted their year-round passion for helping out those within their communities. Their aim was to raise enough money to provide 1,000 critical eye operations for local Vietnamese patients who needed it the most. Through a range of fundraising activities, the firm rallied together to meet the target and fulfill its commitment.

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