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Public Sector

We work with government and public sector clients to help them address a spectrum of issues.

We work with clients to help them address a spectrum of issues.

KPMG Government & Public Sector professionals, many of whom have held senior public sector roles, consistently strive to combine their practical, hands-on local experience with insight from our global network to help our clients implement transformational strategies, economically, efficiently and effectively.

Around the world, all levels of government and public sector organizations are facing pressures from financial constraints to constituent demand to aging populations. How governments choose to address these challenges impacts every part of a country’s economy. KPMG’s Global Government & Public Sector practice works to deliver meaningful results through a deep understanding of the issues, an intimate appreciation of how the public sector works, and global and local insight into the cultural, social and political environment.


Global Government and Public Sector Group

With over 8,700 professionals in our Global Government & Public Sector Group, including over 600 partners, our firms have become one of the leading service providers to Government & Public sectors around the globe. 
We work with government and public sector clients to help them address a spectrum of issues.


Cost - Managing costs to provide more with less

Achieving fiscal sustainability is a global challenge forcing governments to do more with less. A major shake-up of traditional public service delivery is underway as governments rethink what they need to provide and how to meet growing demands for better, more personalized services with shrinking funds. 
Many governments see that simply continuing to provide services in the same way will not achieve the step change required to protect public service provision into the future. A very different approach is required from government to develop a sustainable services. The most successful public sector delivery models are not just driving down cost but are connected to thorough policy processes that are focused on service outcomes. 
KPMG assists governments and public sector organizations in meeting the modern challenges you face. 
How KPMG can assist:

  • Cost optimization
  • Benchmarking and data analytics
  • Restructuring
  • Finance operational efficiency
  • New public sector delivery models


Customer - Engaging with empowered citizens as customer

Governments are facing increasingly sophisticated citizens who demand higher quality services. 
Aging populations are placing greater demands on the public sector in terms of the provision of healthcare, social care, pensions, etc. 
The public sector is turning to technology enabled solutions to not only improve service delivery but to also improve outcomes (e.g., health outcomes). Technology is also helping the public sector to better understand public demand and deliver higher quality services within cost constraints.
How KPMG can assist:

  • IT Advisory
  • Project Management
  • Procurement Strategy and Support
  • Healthcare Advisory


Commercialisation - Collaborating between public and private sectors

KPMG assists public and private sector clients across the life cycle of infrastructure and alternative service delivery decisions. Changing how governments buy can improve productivity by building a public sector economy that makes a difference to service outcomes, creates market behaviours that result in increased competition and improve cost, quality and innovation. We help clients ask the right questions that reflect the challenges they are facing at any stage of the life cycle of infrastructure assets or programs – from planning, strategy and construction through to operations and hand-back. 
How KPMG can assist:

  • Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • Project Finance
  • Capital Asset Management
  • Monetization of assets and taxes
  • Procurement and Bid Support
  • Alternative Service Delivery


Clarity - Proving value for money while assuring integrity and transparency

Proving value for money while assuring integrity and transparency KPMG assists public sector organizations with meeting the need to demonstrate value for money. Transparency and integrity have become a priority on government agendas as the public seeks greater accountability from decision makers.  Governments are learning that assuring transparency helps governments to deliver on reducing costs and delivering value for money.
How KPMG can assist:

  • Business case development and assessment
  • Procurement Strategy and Support
  • Financial modelling and affordability assessment


Capability - Meeting demand for new skills expertise

Government are at the nexus of the worldwide shortage of professional and technical skills and increasing capacity in knowledge and service driven economies. Governments are challenged to deliver education to meets needs of a rapidly changing world and also to build the internal capacity needed to drive complex policy, service and infrastructure.
How KPMG can assist:

  • Human Resources Optimizations
  • Talent Development, Training and Management 
  • Change Management
  • Alternative Service Delivery


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