Asset Management

Asset Management

KPMG member firms are some of the leading financial advisers to the Asset Management industry.

KPMG firms’ are some of the leading financial advisers in Asset Management.

KPMG in Bermuda has over 300 investment and hedge fund clients, ranging in size from large funds with net assets of over $1billion to small and start-up funds with net assets of only a few million dollars. These investment fund entities include companies, limited partnerships and unit trusts formed under the laws of Bermuda, other offshore jurisdictions and some U.S. states. A number of our clients are listed on stock exchanges in Bermuda, Ireland, UK and the US. Our clients also include investment managers, fund administrators and service providers that focus on hedge funds, private equity funds and other alternative investment funds. 

Our professionals in Audit, Tax and Advisory are specialist in their fields and have deep experience the issues and needs of the investment management businesses. Our member firms clients included investment managers, wealth managers, family offices, fund administrators and service providers who focus on mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, infrastructure funds and real estate funds, and institutional investors for pension funds and sovereign wealth funds.

We aim to provide you with a tailored service of the highest standard. KPMG member firms are focused on exceptional objectives of building trusted relationships and delivering quality output through our project teams that can support you from anywhere in the world, whatever your investment activity.


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