20 Bulgarian Contemporary Story Tellers

20 Bulgarian Contemporary Story Tellers

KPMG in Bulgaria donates contemporary Bulgarian literature.

KPMG in Bulgaria donates contemporary Bulgarian literature.

Bulgarian literature

Gergana Mantarkova (right) presents the donation to prof. Boriana Hristova.

On 22 May 2013, KPMG in Bulgaria presented an official donation to public libraries in the country, and to Bulgarian schools and cultural centers abroad. The ceremony was held in the Aula Hall of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.

1,000 copies of the book 20 Bulgarian Contemporary Story Tellers started their journey to the wide reading audience with the assistance of the National Library St. Cyril and St. Methodius.

The book is published by KPMG in Bulgaria and is dedicated to the firm’s 20th anniversary. Eminent authors contributed with their favorite short stories while the illustrations were drawn by students at the National Academy of Art.

Gergana Mantarkova, Managing Partner of KPMG in Bulgaria, shared:

“With this publication, our primary goal is to promote new Bulgarian literature because we believe in social education and the need for quality cultural products to reach more people. We are aware that tough market times are unfavorable for culture. In these market conditions it is difficult
for quality literature to find its way to the wide reading public.

On the other hand, our endeavor is to support young Bulgarian authors and artists, making it possible for their voice to grow stronger so that it may be heard and opening more eyes to the beauty they create.

Last but not least, we have published the book as a token of appreciation and respect for our people and our clients; the book is an emotion we share with them, added value in our communications, which makes us even closer.”

The donation was received by Prof. Boriana Hristova, Director of the National Library, who expressed gratitude on behalf of its beneficiaries. She was confident that 20 Bulgarian Contemporary Story Tellers would be an ambassador of contemporary Bulgarian literature as it contains quality works. In her words, “We undertake to disseminate the book to many readers. This is a book everyone can present as a gift with pleasure. Above all, it has an excellent content. The selection of short stories is wonderful, as is the polygraphic form.”

As Prof. Hristova emphasized, the book is an example of how businesses can help the artistic community and the donation for centers of Bulgarian culture in the country and abroad is a proof of KPMG’s commitment to society as a whole.


Others talking about the book

Zlatna Kostova, journalist, co-editor: “To me, this book is a photo album. On the one hand, because true young masters, artists and professionals, are part of it; on the other, because it features artists of the word. It will be an excellent representative sample evidencing the breadth of our people of writing, which will draw a wonderful portrait of ours outside Bulgaria and inside the country.”

Yordan Popov, writer, consultant in author selection: “When I read the short story collection, I was surprised that a company like KPMG had decided to mark its anniversary with a book. It turned out I didn’t know the works of half of the authors and I am glad I’ve had a chance to get to know them. I wish to those who are not so well known to become as popular in, let’s say, 10 years. The book features short stories with a sense of humor and this is great.”

Kristin Dimitrova, author: “I was recently invited to a writers’ seminar in Ankara, Turkey. Everyone had to make a one-hour presentation on the history of national short stories. Well, how does one deal with such a task? The beginning in Bulgaria is clear. But then, what is one to do about the present? And I remembered I had the perfect artifact. I showed them 20 Bulgarian Contemporary Story Tellers. This book is an anthology of a kind. It is capable of giving a snapshot of the contemporary Bulgarian short story.”

Vasil Georgiev, author: “I was extremely flattered when I found out who the other authors in the collection would be. They are the people I envy artistically. Several attempts have been made in past years to make short story collections and this is by far the best. I have never been part of such a wonderful book.”

Emil Andreev, author: “Let us keep our sense of humor and love. My short story in the collection is about love, so let literature be love.”

Denitsa Hristova, on behalf of the student illustrators: Denitsa Hristova, Boyana Pavlova, Desislava Naidenova, Simeon Nikolov, Velichka Yordanova: “We, the students at the National Academy of Art, would first like to thank KPMG for the confidence and responsibility they have given us to prepare the overall vision of the book. One of our main goals was also to bust the myth of the individualist artist and to show that five artists think better than one when they have a common goal.”


Authors featured

  • Alek Popov
  • Bogdan Rusev
  • Chavdar Tsenov
  • Deyan Enev
  • Elena Aleksieva
  • Emil Andreev
  • Georgi Gospodinov
  • Kalin Terziiski
  • Kristin Dimitrova
  • Maria Stankova
  • Mihail Veshim
  • Milen Ruskov
  • Momchil Nikolov
  • Radoslav Parushev
  • Svetoslav Terziiski
  • Vasil Georgiev
  • Yana Borisova
  • Yordanka Beleva
  • Zahari Karabashliev
  • Zdravka Evtimova


20 Bulgarian Contemporary Story Tellers (in Bulgarian) (pdf, 3.98MB)


Letters of appreciation

Bulgarian Cultural Institute London (PDF 260KB)

Plovdiv Public Library Ivan Vazov (PDF 328KB)

Varna Regional Library Pencho Slaveykov (PDF 234KB)

Yambol Regional Library Georgi Rakovski (PDF 231KB)

Authors and contributors (PDF 148KB)


Book donation beneficiaries

List of beneficiaries (PDF 71KB)

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