Helping higher education

Helping higher education

KPMG in Bulgaria prepares a survey on tax benefits at the request of the American University in Bulgaria.

Helping higher education

High Education

KPMG in Bulgaria prepared a survey on tax benefits at the request of the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) with the support of KPMG member firms and affiliate law firms in selected countries chosen by AUBG. It will support the University in its outreach to donors and help to advance its development goals.

Gergana Mantarkova, KPMG in Bulgaria Managing Partner, commented, “Education is a key factor in achieving long-term socioeconomic prosperity. Higher education institutions have an important role in shaping our tomorrow as they encourage young people to think independently and creatively today.

As a responsible business, we are happy to share the knowledge and expertise of KPMG’s international network for the benefit of the University and its community.”

Ivan Vargoulev, KPMG in Bulgaria Tax Director and AUBG alumnus, who led the work on the survey, made a personal note, “I am proud to be a graduate from the first class of the American University in Bulgaria. Now, as part of KPMG, I am happy to be able to support the University and the next generations of bright students.”

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