KPMG in Bulgaria initiates campaigns that add value to the communities’ development and wellbeing.


We use our professional skills and provide financial support to work towards:

Improving living conditions of people at a disadvantage

Regular fundraising campaigns at KPMG in Bulgaria aim at gathering and distributing donations to various social institutions across Bulgaria that care for children and people in need.

Contributing to enhance work effectiveness and digital literacy

An essential element of our community program is the regular support of schools and public institutions through a contributions of technical equipment and implementation of new technologies.

Pro bono professional advice

We aim to increase the capacity and improve the governance of local community organizations by sharing our professional skills and expertise, helping them to face the challenges of the current economic and social environment. 

Community development

We remain committed to doing more and moving beyond good governance and philanthropy to work with government and non-government organizations on projects dedicated to the community’s long-term development and future.

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