To stay relevant with today’s and tomorrow’s information technology, organizations must always stay aware of and get ready for “the next big thing.” CIOs and CTOs have to make critical decisions in order to unlock the value of their existing technology and that of the future. Whether it’s deploying a large transformation project, aligning your IT strategy to the business strategy or managing multiple technology vendors, you need to be prepared.

The Digital Enablement team of KPMG Belgium can help you meet all the challenges related to the Operating Model and Architecture of the Enterprise and IT Organization, ranging from organizational and service delivery redesign to System landscape rationalizations and end-to-end front and back-office system implementations. The end-to-end solutions Connected Enterprise  and Powered Enterprise of KPMG Global are leveraged to enable structural and fit-for-purpose transformations.

Together with our KPMG alliance partners, such as Microsoft, SAS and ServiceNow, we provide a global reach and offer combined services to help solve your most pressing technology-based challenges. 

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IT Strategy & TOM

For an IT/Digital organization to be successful, it must be closely aligned with the business in order to empower the enterprise strategy. As opportunities for the use of Information & Technology move beyond traditional efficiencies and effectiveness gains, the organization needs to be able to tap into modern technologies and ways of working to enable a truly Connected Enterprise that broadens a customer-centric business and results in sustainable growth.

Our practice supports your business throughout your transformation, whether it is a digital transformation, integration, separation and/or IT transformation, by evaluating, designing and implementing a fit-for-purpose I&T Strategy and Operating Model that will contribute to your company’s future success. 

IT Strategy alignment & definition

We assess and assist in defining the strategic ambition, business model, customer strategy, differentiators, design principles, required capabilities and IT value chain.

Based on both internal (incl. Enterprise strategic objectives) and external outputs (incl. market trends, challenges, customer demands), a formal (IT) Strategy will be drafted and translated into clear objectives and roadmaps.

Enterprise Governance of IT evaluation, design & implementation

We assess, design and implement the required structures, processes and relational mechanisms based on the COBIT2019 and ISO38500 frameworks to achieve effective Enterprise Governance of IT.

Therefore, we address strategic alignment, risks, resource and performance management, as well as IT-enabled value delivery.

Connecting IT to Deals & Transactions

Our practice supports your business throughout your transformation, whether it is a digital transformation, integration, separation and/or IT transformation, by evaluating, designing and implementing a fit-for-purpose I&T Strategy and Operating Model that will contribute to your company’s future success. From Due-Diligence to Post-Merger.

IT Target Operating Model evaluation, design & implementation

In order to ensure the IT Organization is capable of driving and enabling the digital and transformation ambitions of the enterprise, we assess, design and implement the required capabilities and components of the IT Operating Model.

We assess, design, optimize and implement:

  • IT Processes (using COBIT2019 and ITIL4 frameworks)
  • People (required skills, competences and capabilities and required FTEs)
  • IT Service Delivery Model (setup of the IT Organization, incl. centralization vs. decentralization, in/out-sourcing and delivery model)
  • Technology Architecture (applications, infrastructure, data & integrations)
  • IT Performance insights (KPIs and monitoring)
  • IT Governance (governance structures, policies, procedures and controls)
IT Budget & Cost Management optimization (TBM)

To help organizations simplify the landscape and reduce IT expenses, on the one hand, and provide more transparency and enable cost recharging, on the other hand, KPMG performs IT Budget & IT Cost optimizations, leveraging the “Technology Business Management” framework.

We therefore:

  • Assess & Benchmark the current IT Budget & spent
  • Identify, define and execute cost optimization opportunities (cost arbitrage, re-architecting, increasing efficiency, demand/consumption management)
  • Define transparent and business-oriented IT costing & budgeting models (incl. allocation & recharging)
  • Implement these practices in fit-for-purpose tooling
Enterprise architecture

We evaluate your architecture, on a functional and technical level, and help you identify the most cost-effective infrastructure through best practices and industry standards.

We support you in meeting challenging TCO targets and guide you in identifying and mitigating risks related to security, governance and privacy by putting in place policies and controls.

An evaluation of the robustness, flexibility and cost-effectiveness will let you know if your IT architecture is efficient, affordable and future-proof.

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Digital Program Delivery

To build a future-ready foundation based on modern technology, companies must transform their business models, organizational structures and operations. Despite ambitious goals and the best of intentions, companies undertaking this transformation process inevitably come across obstacles along the way.

The Digital Program Delivery team anticipates those obstacles, providing the level and quality of support that allows this critically important initiative to thrive. Our design group is dedicated to creating innovative, modern experiences. We work on solutions that connect people to purpose, motivating users and bringing value to the organization.

KPMG can help you adopt an approach to product management, engineering and delivery based on agile and lean practices that conform to your technology and organizational transformation requirements.

Solution Design

Our solution design services put your targeted users at the center of the design process (including their complex behaviors, mental models and needs). We leverage a user-centered design mindset and set of techniques to help you build your most valuable solutions through:

  • Conducting research, including identifying your stakeholders and framing the challenge from their perspective
  • Reframing the challenge by identifying the real customer needs coming from combined research findings and insights
  • Building tactile models or prototypes to test and iterate, in order to generate ideas and be able to refine them
  • Deploying the solution by implementing change management to measure customer experience
Agile Services

Our Agile coaching services cover the full scope of the success factors of an Agile implementation. This team is dedicated to implementing the Lean-Agile ways of working and fully committed to getting the best business outcomes. The Agile service includes the  following:

  • Audit and review controls across value streams that assess their Agile maturity
  • Create and maintain the implementation roadmap and integrate agile practices and establish objective metrics
  • Raise your organization’s agile knowledge to the next level through coaching and training
  • Run agile projects and provide independent program assurance on them, in addition to hybrid or non-agile transformation projects
Agile Services

Transformation Integrity teams execute evaluation techniques using our proprietary tools, accelerators and knowledge management repositories. Our team can help you to:

  • Become top management’s “eyes and ears,” providing objective evaluations of risks and keeping close tabs on potential problems before project-level governance methods can find them
  • Promote accountability and collaboration across internal and external transformation partners throughout the initiative
  • Provide tactical recommendations for mitigation strategies to maintain the initiative’s progress and prevent risk to the  company’s reputation
  • Use lessons learned and best practices from similar initiatives to promote a successful transformation and a stable program
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Technology outsourcing

The current digital world is characterized by rapidly changing technology, high customer and employee expectations and short time to market. It is a sector of innovations composed of an ever-increasing ecosystem of technology partners. KPMG technology outsourcing helps organizations enhance the resulting value generated by their own internal technology, their ecosystem of technology partners and IT outsourcing service providers.

Being technology and vendor independent, collaborative approaches are applied to help organizations select, integrate and manage the right technology outsourcing solutions for their business and transformation projects. Multi-vendor orchestration and agility become the new norm in a digital transformation. Our KPMG professionals place ecosystem monitoring and governance at the core of this digital shift.

We support you during the entire technology sourcing lifecycle for managing IT and business processes, improving performance and laying the groundwork for genuine value adding IT and/or business transformations.

Sourcing strategy

This contains the best-suited service delivery approach for the IT ecosystem, incorporating systems, platforms and partners. Support includes the definition of corporate (out)sourcing objectives and requirements, sourcing scenario analysis, target operating model for the retained organization, supplier model, business case, risks and impact analysis and an implementation roadmap.

Design selection & contracting

In this phase of the outsourcing lifecycle, we support and advise companies with selection and contracting services, including but not limited to: platform, cloud, SaaS, integrated managed services and traditional managed services outsourcing. This encompasses a detailed supplier selection strategy, requirements identification, market consultation (RfI), request for proposal (RfP)/ agile selection process, best and final offer, updated business case and contract negotiation support.

Transition & digital transformation

The primary objective of transition and digital transformation is a successful implementation and/or migration of contracted platform, SaaS or managed services with minimal disruption to the business. Organizational change regarding implementing ecosystem governance plays a key, differentiating role.


Enhancing the value from the implemented digital ecosystem by supporting companies with, among other things, benchmarking, value assurance, contract reviews and renegotiation support.

Digital ecosystem monitoring and governance

Defining a digital ecosystem monitoring and governance model to help you successfully operate in an ecosystem that consists of multi-vendors, platforms and partners ecosystem. This includes determining the relevant archetypes, the retained roles, the way of working between you and your vendors/partners (agile, DevOps, integrated teams) and future-proof performance management models.

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Enterprise Solutions

The advancement of technology is essential, but it creates pressure for organizations to keep up with changing markets. A well-integrated IT system with suitable solutions can lead to better decision-making, improved customer retention, and sustainable progress.

However, proper alignment of processes and defining user roles and responsibilities is necessary to optimize the value of big cloud platforms like SAP, Microsoft, or ServiceNow. Organizations often fail to do so, resulting in longer implementation times and higher costs. The Enterprise Solutions Services can prevent this and help build a future-proof organization.

KPMG Enterprise Solutions can assist in managing, implementing, and optimizing processes in the areas of finance, production, supply chain, logistics, customer relationship management, IT and HR. Discover our full range of services below.