As companies expand, internationalize, and merge throughout the world, supply chains become increasingly complex. Migration to business intelligence systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and procurement platforms are flooded with ambiguous, multilingual, unstructured data. When this happens, users become frustrated and this results in lower adoption. Meanwhile, optimal management decisions, business growth, and operations efficiency need the highest quality data.

To support this need, we have partnered with Creactives to establish the Creactives Global Centre of Excellence, which automates and optimizes data quality governance for procurement and supply chains, in more than 30 languages and without any upfront translation. Creactives’ artificial intelligence combines the most comprehensive knowledge base in the world with deep learning, natural language processing, and human oversight.

By combining KPMG’s extensive expertise in procurement, supply chain and master data management, our strong track record of successful business integrations, and Creactives’ unique artificial intelligence, we can support our customers in successful enterprise-wide initiatives, such as:

  • digital transformation in procurement and supply chains;
  • mergers & acquisitions acceleration with deal optimization and procurement integrity;
  • new business models powered by artificial intelligence for working capital and spend optimization;
  • migration to business intelligence/ERPs/PLMs/source-to-pay platforms with return-on-investment guarantee.

At the intersection of business transformation, global supply chain management and big data imperatives, KPMG and Creactives joining forces is key to achieving the highest data quality, by creating a single source of truth to enable targeted business benefits, including: operational excellence, enterprise-wide efficiency, and fact-based decision-making.

Creating the Creactives Centre of Excellence in KPMG Belgium is an excellent opportunity for us and our clients. Creactives’ unique knowledge perfectly complements our in-house expertise in procurement, supply chain, master data management and business integration. This will allow us to help our clients achieve the full potential of their enterprise initiatives and optimizations of their procurement and supply functions.

Jos Joos
Executive Director, Head of Procurement & Supply Chain
KPMG in Belgium

Creactives is very proud to partner with KPMG. For more than ten years, Creactives has been a bold change-maker in the world of artificial intelligence applied to procurement and supply chain optimization. Working together, KPMG and Creactives deliver the future today, empowering business leaders to go beyond their enterprise potential and generate real-world business impact.

Paolo Gamberoni

At KPMG, we want to embed data & AI in everything we do. Not alone, but together with our ecosystem partners. Through this alliance, we create a unique chemistry putting together Creactives' artificial intelligence solutions and KPMG's Procurement & Supply Chain expertise and Lighthouse Data & AI competencies. This combination ensures a great response to our clients' challenges regarding the future of Master Data Management.

Nicolas Dubois
Director KPMG Lighthouse​
KPMG in Belgium​