We help drive sustainable improvements to ensure that procurement and supply chain transformation are a source of value and innovation. Leveraging our financial heritage and strength in managing risk, we help achieve balanced business performance through better spend management, productivity gains, working capital improvements, supply chain network improvements, improved planning and improved internal controls. Our methodologies will enable you to address procurement topics such as: P2P process efficiencies, increase your third party risk management and capture value within strategic sourcing initiatives.

We serve as business partners providing you with tailored procurement and supply chain insights throughout your transformation journey.

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Procurement transformation

Digital procurement

Our Digital procurement helps you leverage best-in-class technologies to streamline your source-to-pay processes, with the aim of improving performance, reducing expenses and complexity, and driving business value. 

This value is delivered to the bottom line through procurement operations in the S2P process, increasing overall transparency and driving contract compliance. Together with our best in class technology partners (Coupa, Ivalua), we bring a leading methodology that supports your S2P transformation journey, including Risk management, Analytics, treasury and T&E. KPMG Powered Enterprise methodology is an outcome-driven, functional transformation solution, combining deep business knowledge, proven delivery capability and leading technologies to help drive sustainable change, rising performance and lasting value.

In addition, we can provide further specialist support in automation in AP and out-of-the-box support for future clearance e-invoicing setup.

Keep up with digital disruption with innovative, functional transformations based on best in class processes and technologies.

Procurement strategy

Today, organizations are facing unprecedented change and disruption. That is why a clearly defined procurement strategy and operating model is key. For procurement organizations to deliver the most value, it is important that they remain connected to the larger operations and strategy.

Value is enhanced through strategizing & transformations, technology enablement and advanced data & analytics, driven by project management

With our procurement strategy, we want to support you in gaining a competitive advantage by implementing: 

How to structure your procurement operating model: align it to the organization’s broader operations and strategy.

Futureproof operating models

  • Service delivery model
  • People and capabilities
  • Functional processes
  • Supporting technology
  • Analytics, KPI and reporting 
  • Governance and controls 

Procurement maturity assessment

  • Organization
  • Roles
  • Knowledge/maturity
  • KPI


Procurement academy

Procurement integrity

  • SAS procurement integrity analysis

Collaborative Category Management

  • CCM tool KPMG


Supplier risk

Third-party relationships are crucial for decreasing costs, managing risks and enhancing customer experiences. Without reliable and reputable third parties, customers might face material scarcity which leads to increased costs and potential impact to brand reputation.

Value is managed through the supplier & contract management and proactive, calibrated relationship development.

Our supplier risk approach helps secure your company’s future with:

  • Vendor onboarding, evaluation, performance management and offboarding cycle establishment, based on client and industry requirements
  • Vendor master data management
  • Vendor reviews, performance management
  • Vendor due diligence, certification and data validation

How to improve your third-party risk management and the integration of the full vendor onboarding, evaluation & discontinuation cycle.


Our Sourcing-as-a-Service offering does more than just fixate on savings. We focus on category management, portfolio management and environmental, social and governance sustainability. Value is generated through sourcing: tactical sourcing, tendering & negotiations based on Total Cost of Ownership and Total Value Management.

We offer professional support in:

  • Sourcing methodology, sourcing scenario’s & process improvement
  • Tendering, negotiating & contracting process improvement
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Category management and sourcing-as-a-service
  • Portfolio management and value delivery
  • ESG management embeds sustainability criteria as part of the strategic sourcing exercise
  • Spend analytics and opportunity identification
  • Cost reduction programs

Get the most out of your sourcing initiatives: create an ecosystem with a broader view than only savings and focus on category & portfolio management and ESG.

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Supply chain transformation

Integrated Business Planning / Demand planning

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Our Integrated Business Planning (IBP) can support you in building and implementing the requirements and capabilities to develop the business processes and governance model to drive organization-wide planning, supported by future-proof technology.

Planning is key to meeting the desired levels of customer service. IBP aligns strategic planning, finance, supply chain, sales, marketing and product development into a unified planning operating model to make proactive business tradeoffs and decisions by achieving three primary objectives:

Integrated Business Planning

Network optimization & TMS

Setting up a balanced network to enhance the distribution organization to support customer service levels and business outcomes demanded by the market.

Improving and reshaping the network strategy is of major importance for companies looking to be future-proof. It is crucial to have an adequate distribution network and supplier ecosystem to meet service requirements. We can offer you a fact-based method to validate both the as-is and the to-be performance of the supply chain to make it more sustainable. We can assist you in re-designing the manufacturing and warehousing network to deliver value for your customers and organization.

Transportation Management Systems (TMS) manage the complex network of logistics service providers to meet the differentiated service requirements of customers and products.

They provide visibility into daily transportation operations, shipping processes and documentation to ensure timely delivery of goods.

We offer the technology and business insights to support you in transforming your transportation network.

Network optimization-TMS

Supply chain risks & control towers

How to deal with supply chain disruptions?

Supply chain disruptions can have a significant impact on your company’s operational and financial performance.

Organizations that operate an effective supply chain control tower with the ability to predict, evaluate and monitor risk will be able to respond to and mitigate disruptions. A control tower provides you with an overview of your supply chain to support you during decision-making with real-time information from the entire digital ecosystem, including data sources from third parties. Machine learning empowers prescriptive resolutions to challenges you are facing within your supply chain by prioritizing risks and conducting impact analyses.

Control tower

Together with our technology partners, we can offer you supply chain visibility from supplier to customer in terms of demand forecasting, network fulfillment, capacity planning, inventory optimization and transport management. The AI/ML technology leverages resolution recommendations based on data patterns and impacts on your supply chain can be predicted in real-time.

Working capital & spare parts optimization

How to get the best value out of your material master data?

Our team is partnering with Creactives, a company specialized in categorization and enrichment of material master data based on artificial intelligence. The Material and Services Master Data Governance tool is a combination of “Knowledge Engineering” (getting the knowledge out of the people) and “Machine Learning” (tool is trained to categorize the data in the correct way). The approach focuses on cleansing the data (identifying duplicates and data enrichment) and keeping the data clean (Smart Creation).

As a certified partner, we are able to use the technology and knowledge platform to connect with companies worldwide in a digital and AI-driven way to set up the most appropriate customization for your organization.

The customized AI engine makes it possible to perform the identification and categorization of the materials in an automatic way.

This engine is fed by custom material master data and is built up using the Creactives Knowledge Engineering Platform, in which KPMG works - while the customer contributes to feeding - this engine.

Furthermore, we can enhance your working capital in the broad sense by identifying levers to reduce your inventory.

KPMG Origins
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Sustainable procurement & supply chain

Sustainable supply chains and sustainable sourcing are becoming the norm. Companies must comply with emerging regulations (Paris Agreement, European green deal), in addition to responding to customer demands for better traceability to protect the company’s brand reputation and trust.

Besides that, embedding sustainability practices decreases potential business disruption as a result of product scarcity or increased raw material cost due to climate change. To mitigate, implementing consistent sustainability practices and putting more focus on long-term supplier relationships will increase business resilience. 

It is more important than ever for your business to shift its mindset and become a more sustainable organization. We are your preferred partner, supporting you through your journey of becoming more sustainable.

Sustainable supply chain

KPMG Origins is an in-house developed platform, designed to handle the complexities of the supply chains of the 21st century, which are faster, interconnected and handle a greater amount of data.

With this solution, we focus on real industry problems with an innovative, tangible and cost-effective platform:

  • Assemble and streamline your value chain
  • Track and trace your products and events
  • Integrate your data and define risk scenarios
Human in the loop

KPMG Origins enables participants to create a trusted and validated data capture environment for the entire supply chain.

The tool establishes and tracks digital twin assets as they transition along the supply chain journey.

Each KPMG Origins Digital Twin stores a significant array of validated data that enable participants to make informed digitally-enabled decisions.

Read more on our sustainable supply chain page to discover how our team can help you deal with the increasing pressure to become more sustainable.

Sustainable and ethical procurement

The growth path to efficient and more sustainable procurement means integrating social, ethical and environmental performance factors into the process of selecting suppliers, as well as increasing your procurement integrity.

To accomplish this, we have developed a cutting-edge, qualitative ESG questionnaire, which is embedded into your sourcing process. Leveraging best-in-class sourcing technologies, we make sure that the appropriate criteria are accounted for in award scenarios. This all has a positive impact, helping you manage risks as well as cost.

Taking your organization’s procurement integrity to the next level, KPMG and SAS can act as your partners. This can be done by executing a SAS procurement integrity analysis where the goal is ensuring predictive analytics to identify risks and to minimize use of resources via predictive analytics.

Finally, focusing on your organization’s growth becomes important for driving innovation and circular business models by engaging with suppliers. Our innovation center can support you in prioritizing the R&D RACI as well as prioritizing any change in getting your procurement department involved from an earlier stage.