Your corporate reporting is your essential tool for communicating with your stakeholders and conveying how you are adapting to, and preparing for, the accelerating pace of change. It is these businesses that are getting ahead of the curve – i.e. those that anticipate and adapt to change – that continue to earn their stakeholders’ trust.

But the reporting landscape is changing. On sustainability reporting, the International Sustainability Standards Board has published its first set of proposals, which are intended to be a global baseline that will provide consistency, comparability and reliability in sustainability reporting.

In terms of financial reporting, the International Accounting Standards Board has committed to finalizing the new requirements for presentation and disclosure in financial statements and to adding projects on climate-related risks, intangible assets and presentation in the statement of cash flows over the next four years.

At the same time, the economic landscape continues to change, with companies facing increased uncertainty. Disrupted supply chains, inflation, natural disasters, geopolitical events and the COVID-19 pandemic continue to create issues and risks. Companies across the globe continue to face challenges in assessing the impacts and providing meaningful and relevant information to their stakeholders.

Insights into IFRS can help. Now in its 19th edition, it continues to help readers to embrace change. The information here can give you a fresh perspective on your financial reporting, empowering you to act today and to prepare for tomorrow.

In these uncertain times, Insights into IFRS will help you to get – and to stay – ahead of the curve. The resources in our Financial reporting in uncertain times and our Resource center on the impact of sustainability on financial reporting will also help you stay abreast of the evolving landscape. 

This companion guide aims to help audit committee members and others by providing a structured guide to the key issues arising from the standards.

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