At KPMG, business sustainability forms an integral part of our overall strategy. By working shoulder to shoulder with clients, we deliver value to society and aim to find solutions to pressing global issues.

We believe that we can inspire confidence and empower change for our clients, our people and the communities in which we live and work through our actions and investments.

Furthermore, we believe in the importance of involving our young professionals in sustainable business initiatives that give them the opportunity to speak up and share ideas about strategic topics such as Inclusion & Diversity, Mobility, Environmental Impact, True value, etc. Creating a Board of Young Professionals was the ideal way to give our young professionals that opportunity and to make them real ambassadors within our firm - helping us to deliver on our strategy for sustainable business within the organization and beyond.

The Board of Young Professionals is a group of 25 enthusiastic employees, working on several existing projects - such as Enactus Belgium, Kom op tegen Kanker, YouthStart, Inclusion & Diversity, Bizidee, etc. - and brainstorming on new projects linked to sustainable business. In addition, they will take up the ambassador’s role within KPMG, informing and motivating colleagues about our strategy to grow in a sustainable way.

For Enactus Belgium, for example, one of our main CR partnerships, they helped the Country Manager create a communication plan and contact universities and student organizations to promote and encourage participation in this exciting project. In the months to come, they will be part of the Business Advisory Board and the Mentorship Program. This will give our young professionals and students the opportunity to develop their talents and leaderships skills while contributing positively to society.

The Board of Young Professionals was also closely involved in our Mobility for Life initiative. During ‘De Warmste Week’ KPMG donated €5 per day, per employee adopting an alternative sustainable mobility solution. This stems from our established mobility program with which our people manage their own mobility budget through a range of options. The members of the Board not only adopted alternative mobility solutions that week, but also took up the ambassador’s role, motivating colleagues to do the same.

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