KPMG is a proud sponsor of the 1000 km-run voor Kom op tegen Kanker as well as the 100km-run voor Kom op tegen Kanker. In addition, each year our cycling and running teams participate in these events. We see this as an important contribution to the work Kom op tegen Kanker accomplishes and are proud to be part of this initiative to improve the health of so many.

1000 km-run voor Kom op tegen Kanker

One of Kom op tegen Kanker’s best-known fundraising initiatives is certainly the 1000 km cycling tour that takes place every year during the Ascension weekend. Since 2014, we are a proud sponsor of this increasingly popular event which attracts more participants and donations every year. Our numerous KPMG teams equally enjoy participating in these highly positive and energizing initiatives.

100km-run voor Kom op tegen Kanker

It is a unique running event where team members run a collective 100 km. The concept is challenging and evokes an immense sense of team spirit. Runner 1 starts and is joined every 10 km by the next runner. So at the end, all runners will cross the finish line together as a team.

100km-run voor Kom op tegen Kanker

Fundraising events

To participate, each team has to collect money by organizing fundraising events. Proceeds this year will go towards clinical research. Some examples of the fundraising activities that are planned this year:

  • A wine and champagne sale
  • A quiz against cancer
  • A cookie and orchid sale
  • A dinner
  • A wine auction
  • Etc.
Fundraising events

Make a donation and support our KPMG teams

  • Support our KPMG cycling teams: BE14 7331 9999 9983 (BIC code: KREDBEBB) with reference 170 047 334 + gift
  • Support our KPMG running team: BE56 7360 3575 6688 with reference 340 014 649 + gift

* Gifts of 40 EUR or more are tax deductible.

About Kom op tegen Kanker

Kom op tegen Kanker is a socially committed organization that operates on several fronts in the fight against cancer: it defends the rights and interests of cancer patients, the right to the best treatment and care and the right of people to live in a healthy environment. To accomplish this, they set up care centers and provide financial support for scientific research, advocacy, education and prevention. This can only be achieved with the support from donations, fundraising events and legacies.

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