KPMG Indigenous Services is a specialist business to help Indigenous enterprises grow. 

Numbering more than 10,000, Indigenous businesses are growing 30 times faster than non-Indigenous business.

Under the leadership of experienced financial services executive Glen Brennan, a Gomeroi man from Narrabri in northern NSW, KPMG Indigenous Services will focus on providing the firm’s suite of professional services to Indigenous businesses, enterprises and Traditional Owners.

Our approach

Our approach is to offer our expertise and advice in the context of our shared history.

KPMG Indigenous Services is absolutely demand-driven. Indigenous enterprises and organisations face the same challenges as non-Indigenous businesses but are often lacking scale or are on much steeper growth trajectories.

We believe that a successful, commercial enterprise and a strong Indigenous business sector is key to transformative social and economic outcomes for Indigenous business owners, their families and communities.

KPMG Indigenous services and insights

KPMG Indigenous provides a range of services and thought leadership.

Key contact

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