Positive shift for SAPN’s asset management operations

SA Power Networks (SAPN) engaged KPMG to provide asset management services to enable the rigorous justification required to forecast expenditure in proposals to the Australian Energy Regulator.

Using industry best practice, quality data and efficient asset management techniques, KPMG provided SAPN with the tools and information needed for their submission. During the process, SAPN achieved a step-change in their asset management maturity, and gained significant operational efficiencies with their daily asset management planning.

Client: SA Power Networks (SAPN) Project: Asset Management Assessment and Asset Lifecycle Audit Location: South Australia Sector: Energy Services: Property strategy | Property condition assessment | Asset registration | Asset management planning | CAPEX forecasting | Maintenance planning

What was needed

  • portfolio-wide property condition assessments
  • development of a combined asset register
  • creation of a 15-year CAPEX forecast and maintenance plan
  • data collection
  • asset management plans developed for multiple asset classes.

What we did

KPMG’s Engineering, Assets and Project Delivery team (part of the firm’s Infrastructure, Assets & Places division) addressed SAPN’s needs – including documentation reviews, site inspections and stakeholder consultations, while keeping SAPN engaged and across all project deliverables. The team ensured each output was tailored to the organisation’s corporate objectives and operations, as well as to all AER funding submission requirements.

During the process, KPMG developed a semi-automated asset register, with an in-built 15-year lifecycle CAPEX and maintenance plan, without requiring any capital investment into bespoke software. This plan can draw down from asset register entries by referencing the in-built asset library and maintenance tasks.

The team also conducted workshops to develop objectives, which were then incorporated into asset management plans, and helped define key practices for the property portfolio.

What we delivered

  • an overarching property portfolio strategy
  • an asset hierarchy suited to the granularity required by SAPN
  • a comprehensive asset library with corresponding asset effective lives
  • a catalogue of maintenance tasks that draw down directly from the asset register
  • forty comprehensive property condition assessment reports, covering an overview of the site asset systems, site plan, overall condition ratings for each element, photographic evidence, element descriptions and breakdown on estimated expenditure
  • bundled refurbishments, strategic projects and reactive works treated as non-recurrent activities
  • three asset management plans and their corresponding criticality analysis.

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