Services for aged care providers

Services for aged care providers

KPMG offers aged care providers with a range of audit, tax and advisory services.

KPMG offers aged care providers with a range of audit, tax and advisory services.

KPMG has a deep understanding of the drivers of profitability in the aged care sector as well as access to demographic and financial market information, both in Australia and globally.

We are recognised for the depth and breadth of our understanding of the aged care sector, its social context, and of market opportunities, developments and challenges. Our strong understanding of the issues faced by providers, means that we can provide valuable insights to providers on how they need to adapt and respond to reforms.

We provide advice that is clear, insightful, objective and actionable – and we work closely with our clients to implement that advice and help achieve results. KPMG can provide you with a wide-ranging offering that is tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.

We help our clients to:

Design and implement strategies that win in today’s market

KPMG is very experienced in supporting providers to grow and thrive in the increasingly competitive market. Our services include strategic and business planning, market and demographic analysis, growth strategy, organisational or business unit reviews, development of performance management frameworks and social media strategy development. Speak with Nicki Doyle and Ron Zubrik or find out more about our Strategy services.

KPMG also assists by providing financial advisory services (sell-side and buy-side) and the required commercial and financial due diligence to assist with executing merger and acquisition transactions. KPMG can also provide advice on debt and equity capital raisings. Speak with Scott Mesley or find out more about our Transactions and Funding services.

Manage and optimise risk

Governance, risk and compliance are critical in the provision of safe and quality services. While KPMG does not offer accreditation services to providers, we can support you by improving internal controls and governance, risk management, clinical governance, policy and regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability. Speak with Claire Richards or find out more about our Governance, risk and compliance services.

Continuity of care, data sharing between internal and external providers, and patient access to medical records are critical components of the Health and Ageing industry’s fast-moving transition to a values-based approach. We work with aged care providers, hospitals, and other healthcare organisations to provide processes and capability from pre-breach to post-breach with an eye to transforming their security, privacy and business continuity controls. Find out more about our Cyber Security services.

Optimise operations

We assist you and your operations to deliver the type of care and support demanded by consumers. Services include operational analysis, benchmarking, cost reduction, process improvement, customer engagement, value-proposition development and service delivery model development including consumer directed care, workforce strategy development and quality framework development. Speak with Nicki Doyle and Ron Zubrik or find out more about our Operations Advisory services.

KPMG also provides advice a range of property services including acquisitions and divestments, physical and environmental due diligence, feasibility analysis, business case assessments and portfolio assessments. Speak with Paul Morris or find out more about our Property Advisory services.

Turn technology vision into reality

We work with you to assess the technology implications of the reforms impacting the sector. Our work in the sector includes developing IT strategies that leverage advances in mobility and cloud computing. We also work with organisations to review IT operations and infrastructure (people, process & technology) to address security, resilience, agility or cost concerns. Using our knowledge of the solutions available in the sector, we can assist with the selection of new applications in response to the move towards consumer directed care as well as implementation/upgrades of finance, HR and CRM systems. Speak with Paul Grundy or find out more about KPMG’s Disability and Home Care solution and broader Technology services.

Realise the potential of people

Given the level of disruption in the aged care market, our team can help you unlock the potential of your people and navigate transformational change across all functions to drive unprecedented levels of performance. Services include leadership development, workforce capability reviews, executive recruitment and change management support. Speak with Stefanie Bradley or find out more about our People & Change services.

Create and maintain investor confidence and unlock valuable business insights

KPMG provides assistance with financial statement integrity, process improvements, technical accounting advice and business insights. We have a highly experienced team of aged care focused individuals who deliver external audits with a lens on the sector-specific issues to provide insights relevant to each unique organisation. Our team also assists both audit and non-audit clients with assurance and optimisation of processes, data integrity and key risk identification through facilitation of LEAN process improvement workshops, data analytics, risk connectivity workshops and sector-specific benchmarking. Speak with Kathy Ostin or find out more about our Audit and assurance services.

KPMG also helps to identify pressure points in finance processes and improve the design and effectiveness of control frameworks. Our experienced professionals are available for secondment into organisations to assist with day-to-day financial activities, preparation of budgets and management reports, project management and other critical activities. KPMG can also provide assurance over financial and non-financial information.

Understand and meet tax responsibilities

We can assist you to navigate the ever-changing income tax, goods and services tax and employment tax laws (as relevant) to provide clarity around effective tax structuring and funding arrangements, support the rewarding of staff and salary packaging arrangements in a cost-effective manner, as well as ensuring your tax governance framework meets the expectations of the Australian Taxation Office. Find out more about our Tax services.