Appointment details

Appointment type Voluntary Administration
Appointment date 18 July 2018
Appointees Peter Gothard
Companies subject to Administration Sumo Group Australia Pty Limited ACN 107 852 335
Sumo IP Holdings Pty Ltd ACN 147 743 084
Sumo Salad (Franchising) Ply Limited ACN 110 387 061
Sumo Marketing Fund Pty Ltd ACN 116 920 202
SumoSalad Store Development Pty Ltd ACN 106 886 800
Sumo Salad Group Services Ply Ltd ACN 142 590 707
SumoSalad (Corporate Stores) Ply Limited ACN 106 886 793
Sumo Salad Leasing 2 Pty Limited 
ACN 148 842 433
Sumo Salad Consolidated Leasing Ply Limited ACN 616 940 571
SumoSalad International Franchising Pty Ltd ACN 114 325 629
SumoSalad Singapore Franchising Ply Ltd ACN 153 971 781
SumoSalad NZ Franchising Pty Ltd ACN 102 550 694
Sab Closed 1 Pty Ltd ACN 142 790 001
Office Sydney
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KPMG contact

Phil Quinlan
+61 2 9458 1569

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Background information

Morgan Kelly and Peter Gothard were appointed Voluntary Administrators of the Sumo Group on Wednesday, 18 July 2018 pursuant to Section 436A of the Corporations Act 2001. 

At the second meeting of creditors of the Group held on 22 August 2018, creditors passed a resolution requiring the Group to execute a Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA) pursuant to Part 5.A of the Corporations Act

The Group and its Administrators executed the DOCA on 29 August 2018. As a term of the DOCA, responsibility for the Group’s day to day trading activities has now reverted to the director. 

Creditors should refer to our correspondence dated 30 August 2018 for further information. 

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ASIC insolvency material

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission provides resources on insolvency for directors, practitioners, employees, creditors and investors.

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