Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

KPMG assists organizations in the Oil & Gas sector to respond to industry trends and business issues.

KPMG assists organizations in the Oil & Gas sector to respond to industry trends and..

The Oil & Gas industry’s competitive landscape is changing fast. Oil and gas in the US is driving the supply base of the industry. Meanwhile, the demand base of the industry continues the shift to emerging markets, although at volatile growth rates which means the most attractive markets are changing from one year to the next. With the global and regional demand remaining weak and ongoing structural challenges in Europe (including environmental requirements), running an Oil & Gas company in today’s world is extremely challenging.

At KPMG, our understanding of the demands and challenges Oil & Gas companies face enables us to develop services and methodologies that
specifically address the needs of this sector. We look at industry challenges
from multiple angles, pooling our knowledge and resources to develop holistic
service offerings that are designed to fit our clients’ ever changing

In the Oil & Gas sector, KPMG in Albania is known for the client focus, commitment to excellence, global mind-set, and consistent and timely delivery. In an increasingly complex industry, you need professionals
who can help you address critical issues, whenever and wherever they arise.

KPMG already works with some of Albania’s leading oil and gas companies and our experts have extensive knowledge and long experience in the industry. In addition, we have access to KPMG’s worldwide network of industry specialists.