Our Global Infrastructure practice knows what it takes to make the right strategic choices.

KPMG's Global Infrastructure practice knows what it takes...

Infrastructure investment is recognized as an important driver of jobs and economic growth in the Kosovo economy. It plays an important role in people’s everyday lives too. Good quality infrastructure helps businesses compete and grow, attract and keep foreign investors, and maintain a high quality of life for the population. 

KPMG in Albania and Kosovo can help navigate the complexities of major capital projects helping to reduce risk, support delivery and ultimately ensure sustained success. Over the years, our team has gained hands-on experience and local market knowledge throughout the entire lifecycle of an infrastructure project including: 

  • Strategy and Development
  • Delivery and Construction
  • Investment
  • Operations and Performance

Our professionals work with policy makers, contractors, investors, lenders and other stakeholders across the supply chain to help drive business forward. By combining valuable global insight with hands-on local experience, we can help you address challenges at any stage of the project of infrastructure assets, from planning, strategy and construction through to operations and hand-back.

We are part of the KPMG Global Infrastructure network, which harnesses the firm’s international experience in infrastructure projects.