KPMG’s forensic technology services assist clients to rapidly respond to data needs with respect to disputes, investigations, regulatory and internal reviews. KPMG offers advice and support to clients seeking to better understand their organization’s data.

The relentless expansion of data sources and types – as well as volume – is both an opportunity and a threat for companies. Getting data ‘right’ has the potential to generate valuable insight into business needs. Misunderstanding the data landscape, or not handling data properly, can create investigative, financial, reputational, legal and regulatory risks.

The KPMG difference

Our accredited legal forensic investigators specialize in the identification and analysis of digital evidence. Whether fraud, cyber incident response or intellectual property theft, we have the right combination of people, experience and expertise to assist.

We support our clients with a variety of requirements: eDiscovery, litigation or regulatory enquiries or locating the right information to avoid over reporting or under reporting. We facilitate the data management process seamlessly so you and your legal team can focus on the issues at hand.

We bring more than 25 years of experience, a global network of professionals and proven methodologies to help you avoid making expensive mistakes.

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