Our insider threat or end-of-service gap and impact assessment conducted in partnership with clients, will achieve the following:

  • Raise the cybersecurity levels and the ability of the business to respond to insider threats
  • Identify where the organization is exposed to an insider threat, and determine potential risks
  • Determine how to establish a foundation for in-house investigative and forensic capabilities
  • Establish the required roles and responsibilities
  • Understand what policies, procedures, processes, workflows, best practices and guidelines need to be amended or created
  • Assist in shaping the required frameworks and processes

KPMG’s Cyber Investigations team conduct insider threat and end-of-service assessments. Our experts forensically image and analyze targeted employees’ business-related devices (laptops, file share folders, server mailboxes, external computer storage media, mobile phones, etc.) and quickly provide a report detailing areas of concern. This will provide peace of mind in situations which could have financial, legal or reputational implications.

In the current climate of remote working, it can be challenging for businesses to review case data effectively. Whether it be a hard drive full of documents, a tranche of loose information, or perhaps investigative related information that cannot be easily searched. Our KPMG discovery team can assist with an insider threat assessment using KPMG’s document review system, which allows quick access and assessment of any suspicious documents no matter where you are in the world.