Like many aspects of our lives right now, predicting the future is hard. Forces beyond our control are affecting our personal and professional lives in ways that have not been seen for generations.

Notwithstanding a certain amount of optimism that is seeping through as vaccination programs begin in a number of countries and territories, the full impact of the pandemic on economies and businesses around the world remains unclear. With the effects of the various containment and health strategies taken by governments over the past 12 months now beginning to show, countries are all performing differently. The contraction in overall performance and employment levels has been universal but how, when and if countries will rebound remains unclear. KPMG recognizes these differences.

In this edition of our Global Economic Outlook, Chief Economists from KPMG firms around the world including China, India, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, the UK and the US, to name a few, identify and discuss some of the risks – and opportunities – that are facing their local governments and organizations. Whether it be the positive influence of a predicted oil price increase across the Middle East and Africa, or the impacts felt with the cessation of government support programs in the UK, our teams seek to provide insights and perspectives that can help clients and the wider business community to better understand what the short-term future might hold. We hope they will help you to plan a pragmatic and sustainable path to economic recovery. Please get in touch with any of the KPMG professionals quoted within the report for further information on your specific market. 

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