Contrasting strategies, practices and performance of the main players

Contrasting strategies, practices and performance

How the different industry players approach governance and controls, human performance, and technology and innovation.

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Evolving by rationalizing governance and controls

Innovative leaders (the top 20 percent) are significantly ahead when it comes to governance and controls – which is reflected in their project performance. Two-thirds say of their projects come within 90 percent of planned schedule – only 14 percent of Followers claim a similar success rate, and zero percent of Behind the curve organizations.

Innovative leaders are ahead in governance and controls

Graph showing comparison between the three emerging personas

Innovating through investment in technology

Innovative leaders have embedded innovation and creativity as a core part of their cultures and are fully committed to investment in technologies that can enhance performance. A vast majority have a well-communicated technology vision that is supported by action and investment, with pilot programs and organization-wide labs.

Innovative leaders are ahead in implementing technology

Percentage of companies that implemented each organizational change to embed innovation in the organization

Staying ahead by optimizing human performance

Our survey findings suggest that Innovative leaders are doing more to attract and retain the next generation of workers. They actively use technology and innovation as a way to entice millennials and Gen Z prospects, are more likely to offer ‘virtual’ work options, and place a higher priority on attracting talent.

Innovative leaders implement top 5 soft controls

Graph showing top five soft controls implemented by innovative leaders

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