Our relentless focus on quality

Quality and integrity are vital to inspire confidence and enable change.


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Quality and integrity are the foundation that strengthens all areas of our business. 

Improving our system of quality management is a constant focus at KPMG. We continue investing in new technologies and resources while building a stronger culture of consistency and accountability and always keeping clients’ needs top of mind.

Our Global Quality Framework outlines how every KPMG professional contributes to delivering high quality across our business. These are mandatory actions and behaviors, built on our Values that have been our guide throughout the last almost 150 years.

Audit is the foundation of what we do and ensuring audit quality is at KPMG’s core. We take our responsibilities seriously and seek to continually improve audit quality by keeping pace with ever-changing economic, business and regulatory conditions, as well as technological advancements.

Our relentless focus on quality reinforces our commitment to serve the public interest, drives our ambition to be the most trusted and trustworthy professional services organization, and delivers on ESG commitments as outlined in KPMG: Our Impact Plan.

We continue to take steps that help elevate our global quality and consistency. And while we have a solid foundation of quality, we strive to continuously innovate.

Larry Bradley

Larry Bradley

Global Head of Audit

KPMG International

"Delivering quality audits requires a quality-centric culture where everyone is accountable. Accountability starts at the top of our global organization, with every KPMG leader responsible for continually raising the bar for quality, integrity and public trust."

Investing in quality

Across the KPMG global organization, we have strengthened the consistency and robustness of our system of quality management that enable compliance with the new International Standard for Quality Management, ISQM 1, which took effect in December 2022.

Our approach to ISQM 1 embraces the opportunity to drive the consistency and robustness of controls within KPMG firm processes across the global organization. It prescribes the minimum controls required for implementing within KPMG firm processes to address globally identified risks to meeting the quality objectives and demonstrating that these controls are implemented and operating effectively. 

Paul Korolkiewicz

Paul Korolkiewicz

Global Head of Quality, Risk and Regulatory

KPMG International

"In a period of increasing geopolitical and economic uncertainty, it’s more important than ever that trust is at the heart of KPMG firms’ services to clients and society at large. Our global risk assessment process applies to all KPMG firms and drives greater consistency, robustness and accountability for risk management across the global organization."

Reducing silos to enable collaboration

The KPMG Delivery Network (KDN) was created to provide large-scale, cross-functional capabilities and technology through a network of global delivery centers. KDN encourages global consistency, provides services and tools across Tax and Legal Services, Audit, and Advisory at a consistently high quality and at a competitive price point. It includes a multi-tiered global sales and delivery support network that transforms how KPMG firms and people work together.

KDN helps deliver a more seamless client experience across its centers around the globe by continually evolving to meet market demands, offering a transparent and standard pricing model, using leading technologies and providing an overall integrated approach to compliance.

Our extensive network of dedicated KDN professionals has the depth and breadth of knowledge necessary to play a key role in the future of global productivity tools.

Gary Wingrove

Gary Wingrove

Global Chief Operating Officer

KPMG International

"Our greatest strength is our scale and ability to connect local knowledge, globally. KDN helps us streamline the delivery of solutions and consistency to clients across the world, while ensuring that KPMG firms remain competitive in cost. That's why KDN is such a critical component of KPMG's future success."

Taking tech further

In order to help drive consistency, collaboration and efficiency, we’re expanding access and training for leading-edge technology and tools for KPMG engagement teams, such as KPMG Clara, our Microsoft Azure-powered smart audit platform.

KPMG Clara is one of the leading technological innovations in the audit industry and, importantly, can help detect fraud and improve the quality of audits. It provides quality results across the nearly 90,000 audit professionals in the 143 countries and territories KPMG firms operate in.

As a fully integrated, scalable, cloud-based platform, KPMG Clara enables an enhanced audit methodology through a data-enabled workflow. The platform’s advanced capabilities leverage data science, audit automation and data visualization. This can result in greater interaction that consists of more targeted and meaningful conversations about specific findings, risks and insights.

Artifical Intelligence (AI) has proven extremely valuable in detecting fraud during audits and its capabilities are only increasing over time. KPMG firms use AI to help:

  • Look for anomalies in transactions.
  • Use known patterns of past frauds when evaluating present and future audits.
  • Compare entities across a whole client portfolio or peer group within an industry, identifying entities that stand out in contrast to their competitors.


Holding ourselves accountable

Anne Collins

Anne Collins

Global General Counsel

KPMG International

"Our Global Code of Conduct is a guide for our responsibilities to each other, clients and the public. All KPMG firms are committed to a common set of values, standards and service quality expectations. This enables us to effectively hold each other to account across the entire organization."

Creating the right environment to deliver quality for clients requires strong governance and practice management standards. It’s why KPMG International's Global Board implemented governance changes to achieve greater levels of consistency and accountability across the entire global organization. 

Together, we’re making incredible strides for the better.

Quality is what our profession is built on, and it’s why we will always be relentless in our approach to delivering it. 

Throughout this webpage, “we”, “KPMG”, “us” and “our” refers to the global organization or to one or more of the member firms of KPMG International Limited (“KPMG International”), each of which is a separate legal entity.