Empowering our people

Our remarkable people define who we are as an organization.
Uplifting and empowering them is the key to our success.


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We are a people business and bringing the right people to the table — together with the right technology — is our greatest asset. In a rapidly changing environment, strong relationships and connectivity are needed now more than ever.

At KPMG, we’re committed to creating a caring, inclusive and purpose-led culture where everyone is comfortable bringing their full selves to work. We provide our people with opportunities to learn and grow, while tapping into their passion to do work that matters by making a positive difference for clients and the communities we serve.

Embracing the future of work

We know the world of work is changing along with our people’s expectations. We listened to what our people wanted and worked with them to co-create a hybrid working blueprint. We continue to invest in our digital workplace so that our people can deliver work effectively regardless of where they are. With flexible working options introduced in many KPMG firms, teams have choices about how they work in a way that supports wellbeing, while continuing to deliver excellent results for clients. 

Pathways to learn for a lifetime

We’re committed to equipping our more than 265,000 people with future-ready skills and lifelong learning opportunities. As part of our ESG plan, in FY22 we began providing all KPMG professionals with ESG learning to help them feel empowered to be agents of positive change. 

Working with leading global academic institution, the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, this learning aims to provide a solid understanding of what ESG is, why it matters, what KPMG’s doing to include ESG in everything we do and how everyone can make a positive impact. To date, almost 100,000 of our people have completed the training.

As part of our commitment to invest US$5 billion to accelerate KPMG’s digital transformation, we launched a global Digital and Data Foundations program in 2022 so our people can better support clients and our business. Our aim is to give all KPMG professionals access to leading-edge training so they can gain a foundational understanding of a range of relevant digital topics.

Nhlamu Dlomu

Nhlamu Dlomu

Global Head of People

KPMG International

"We know the world of work is changing and so are our people’s expectations. They are looking for more flexibility, a supportive culture, and opportunities to learn, develop and make an impact. We are listening and responding, working with KPMG firms to build an environment where all our people can thrive."

Fostering an inclusive culture

Inclusion, diversity and equity (IDE) is core to who we are at KPMG. It helps us build great teams with diverse views that represent the world we live in and leads to stronger insights and innovations.

In FY22, KPMG firms continued to hold IDE virtual events and celebrations across the global organization in recognition of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, International Women’s Day, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and Pride Month. 

During our annual Pride virtual summit, we set the tone for our organization by launching a Global LGBTQ+ Inclusion Statement. It was important to do this to help ensure that our LGBTQ+ community feels safe and advocated for.

Empowering people leadership group

KPMG's Global Management Team
From left to right: Carl Carande, Nhlamu Dlomu, Bill Thomas, Melissa Hardaway, Larry Bradley, Paul Korolkiewicz, Jane Lawrie, Anne Collins, Gary Wingrove, Lisa Heneghan, David Linke, Regina Mayor


In recognition of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, we created an online space for KPMG professionals to share their learnings and stories, demonstrate allyship and help make meaningful change. Within the first week of launching, hundreds of our people (35 percent at the leadership level) were reading articles on inclusive meetings, watching TED Talks on colorism and learning about microaggressions. 

As part of the IDE Collective Action Plan launched in FY21, KPMG took an important step towards gender diversity by setting an intention to have women in more than one-third of leadership roles globally by 2025. With our recent global management appointments we have achieved gender parity on the Global Management Team.

Equipping our people to make a positive mark

We want to empower KPMG professionals to help contribute to a better future. C75 is KPMG’s refreshed 18-month leadership and development program. It aims to help future leaders build a unique KPMG mindset — one that is global, regional and local — and a better understanding of how they can help make a positive impact for their clients, our communities and our teams. Through in-person and virtual events, and one-to-one coaching and support, C75 gives participants rich opportunities to develop as leaders and form meaningful connections through networking, global collaboration and cross-enterprise work.

Meet some of our people

Avery Johnstone

Avery Johnstone | UK

For KPMG to have a presence at COP27 at the scale we did really demonstrates an ongoing commitment to climate and the amazing expertise that KPMG firms have globally.

Read about Avery Johnstone, Climate Risk & Strategy Associate, KPMG in the UK, and her longstanding background in climate and women’s rights advocacy.

Jade Psutka

Jade Psutka | Canada

I can bring my experience as a First Nations woman and advocate for meaningful consultation, deeper understanding and true inclusion throughout the KPMG global organization. To be part of what is happening across Canada is both professionally rewarding and personally fulfilling"

Read about Jade Psutka, Senior Manager of Indigenous Enablement & Recruitment, KPMG in Canada, and how she uses her professional background and passion for community to work alongside the Indigenous peoples of Canada.

Jorn Verbeeck

Jorn Verbeeck | Belgium

Working in sustainability for 20 years now, both in the public and private sectors, local and international, politics, policy and innovation, offers me a broad range of perspectives. We urgently need to invest in large-scale implementation, and the KPMG global organization — with its national and global reach — has the potential to create impact. Being part of a small KPMG member firm on the one hand and the global organization on the other brings opportunities for global change at the national and local levels.

Read about Jorn Verbeeck, Senior Manager of Sustainability and ESG, KPMG in Belgium, and Lead of KPMG International’s Net Zero Urban Program and Decarbonization Innovation Exchange.


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