The past few years came with several macroeconomic risks, which have sparked concerns over how businesses might stay afloat amid the growing market instability. Global inflation, combined with rising interest rates and disruptions in the energy market, has caused unfavorable changes in both consumer behavior and operational activities, thereby plunging companies into crises.

Global experts forecast that such macroeconomic headwinds will bring about radical restructuring activities in 2024. These restructuring exercises will mostly take place at large companies across various industries, however, small and mid-size companies are no less vulnerable to the aforementioned threats. It is, therefore, essential that business leaders maintain a holistic approach to management.

With many years of industry-leading experiences, KPMG in Vietnam has witnessed how businesses can turn insights into tangible growth. Bearing this in mind, we have assembled a CEO toolkit to provide C-suite leaders in Vietnam with the guidance needed to successfully navigate a post-COVID world.

It will act as a comprehensive guide to 7 key aspects of business operations, which are as follows:

When operating in this complex and unpredictable landscape, business leaders in Vietnam are expected to fully grasp their organizations’ socio-economic functioning, while also staying ahead of potential legal issues and CSR developments. KPMG in Vietnam CEO toolkit, as well as our all-encompassing network of professionals, will prove to be indispensable in propelling you towards that vision.

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