KPMG's Infrastructure practice knows what it takes to make the right strategic choices.

KPMG's Infrastructure practice knows what it takes...

Infrastructure development is one of the great challenges of the 21st century and KPMG member firms are proud to be a global market leader in helping address and manage this challenge.


How can we help?

Infrastructure projects are complex and KPMG member firms have, and will continue to, invest heavily in high-caliber infrastructure resources to assist our clients with infrastructure development. Our Global Infrastructure practitioners, on-site in the Cayman Islands and around the world, advise governments, developers, and investors across the life cycle of projects—from strategy and financing to delivery and hand-back.

We offer a broad range of services throughout the life of infrastructure assets and programs – from strategy, to execution, to end-of-life or hand-back. Services may include specialist advisory, tax, audit, accounting and compliance-related assistance. KPMG is an objective advisor, free from any conflicting incentives related to particular financing products or a potential role in underwriting or arranging project financing, meaning our clients always receive value-added, unbiased advice.

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