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The KPMG team runs practical sessions and webinars on the most important and topical TP issues. The general programme in this regard consists of the following modules:

Module 1. Recent and planned changes in transfer pricing legislation.

Module 2. Transfer pricing in commodity transactions.

Module 3. Transfer pricing in service provision transactions.

Module 4. Calculating actual profitability indicators and comparisons with the market level.

Module 5. Transfer pricing in financial transactions (loans and guarantees), including an overview of BEPS changes.

Module 6. Transfer pricing in IP transactions.

Module 7. Advance pricing agreements and mutual negotiation procedures.

Module 8. Overview of recent transfer pricing court practice in CIS.

Module 9. Transfer pricing reporting: notification and documentation.

Course duration

The standard course lasts for two working days; each day consists of four-to-five modules.

The knowledge obtained during the course will help you develop a systematic approach to understanding TP issues. The main objective of the modules is to boost the practical skills of participants when applying TP rules.