Four years have passed since the start of the pandemic, which had a shock effect on global supply chains. The following geopolitical events forced executives to completely reconsider their approaches to procurement management. Companies around the world are demonstrating adaptability and are paying increasing attention to risk management in procurement and the sustainability of supply chains.

In an attempt to get a clearer picture of the situation, the Procurement and Supply Chain Management team of KPMG Caspian has been conducting a study of the current situation and trends in supply chain management for the second year. The research is based on a survey of procurement and logistics executives in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The results of the research are presented in our annual CPO Outlook report, which translates our findings into actionable insights, helping market participants navigate trends, chart their optimal supply course, and drive sustainable improvements.

This year’s survey centers on the resilience and the readiness of companies to face new challenges. We would be pleased to share the results of our survey with all participants, allowing you to compare your experiences with the issues and challenges faced by supply managers in our region.