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A dynamic tool to plan an NHS workforce

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Insight-driven workforce planning

Take control of long-term workforce planning with this powerful modelling tool. Combining data on activity, costs and volume to address future employee demands and challenges for NHS trusts and Integrated Care Systems (ICS).

Why choose Strategic Workforce Planner?

Plan ahead

NHS trusts need workforce strategies that are far reaching: as far as a decade. Now leaders can model and plan up to ten years ahead.

A model scenario

Close that gap between your required and desired workforces. And better understand the impact of budgets by modelling scenarios way ahead of time.

Insights to hand

Use one dashboard to run multiple scenarios. That way you can see the wider impact and crucial insights, all in the one place.

Meet Yusuf Ermak

How can the NHS ensure it has the right people with the right skills to tackle today‘s healthcare needs? Yusuf explains the insights behind the creation of Strategic Workforce Planner for the NHS.

Market insight


of NHS trusts require an effective workforce plan.


of NHS workforce teams need the correct tools and capacity to predict staff numbers.


of NHS departments stand to benefit from a strategic workforce planning tool.

James Devine headshot

It is about using the data... to redesign pathways, redesign roles, adjust skills and people shortages across all parts of health and care.

James Devine
Director & UK Lead for Health & Care Work

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Strategic Workforce Planner

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