Pricing Prisma KPMG Product

Supercharge your revenue growth management

Say hello to your new revenue growth management (RGM) system

Pricing Prism provides a complete overview of your portfolio performance, showcasing your data in clear, actionable insights – giving you the power to optimise product performance and succeed with your customers in line with your commercial strategy.

Why choose Pricing Prism?

  • Farewell to margin decline

    Utilise real-time insights to maximise profitability and optimise pricing and promotion strategies.

  • Put an end to wasted time

    Streamline data input and automate data quality checks to regain valuable hours.

  • Eliminate inconsistencies

    One unified view for consistent methodology analysis and visual representation of insights.

  • Delve into actionable insights

    Get quick, granular knowledge with guided observations and data revealing patterns and trends.

  • Grow margin and market share

    Identify white spaces in your market by investigating business, competitor and customer performance.

  • Make data informed decisions

    One central hub with easy to use dashboards for seamless cross functional collaboration.

Built with you in mind

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    Mix Management

    Dashboard with rag ratings to help you diagnose and consider actions to improve the profitability across your product mix.

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    Promotion Effectiveness

    Analytics on your promotional ROI to help you monitor and actively improve their effectiveness.

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    Price Trend

    Easy to understand data on yours and your competitors pricing trends, enabling you to stay competitive in the market.

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