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Automate your employee benefits reporting

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Automate reporting to reduce risk and save time

KPMG’s P11D Solutions automates the reporting of employee benefits to HMRC. This downloadable application calculates the employer’s liability to HMRC and produces P11D forms for distribution to employees. With this solution, employers can save time and money all while mitigating risk of errors and penalties.

Why choose P11D Solutions?

HMRC Recognised software

Direct online filing to HMRC all from one system.

Mitigate risk and associated penalties

Our software is updated for changes in tax legislation.

Reduce manual errors

Save time and reduce the likelihood of errors with data imports.

P11D Solutions support

Dedicated P11D Solutions support mailbox and helpline.

Reduce employee P11D queries

Employees are provided with detailed explanations on reported benefits, decreasing P11D HR queries.

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10+ years of being used by clients

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