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Mitigate risks more successfully

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An evolution in risk assessment

Give your business the next level of risk assessment. Use network theory to identify risks and their interconnections. Look beyond the conventional depictions of risk and deliver a four-dimensional approach including likelihood, severity, connectivity and velocity.

Why choose Dynamic Risk Assessment?

Fresher insights

Get a clearer understanding of your risk profile by identifying risks and how they behave in a complex, adaptive network system.

More protection

Better allocate scarce resources to create more robust control environments and increase resilience.

Improve resilience

Become aware of the most vulnerable risks in the network, and plot the optimal pathway to manage them.

Increased awareness

Our risk assessment software lets you recognise and reveal the interconnectivity and velocity of existing and emerging risks.

More is more

Discover the combinations of risks that, through contagion and in aggregate, can create scenarios or clusters of hitherto unseen severity.


Get better evidence to make recommendations. DRA identifies scenarios and risk profiles for both the short and long term for use in stress testing.

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