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More focus, less effort

Our Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) application directs your attention where it’s needed most. It reduces risk and human error and can be configured to the specific needs of any business.

Why choose Continuous Controls Monitoring?

Optimised efficiency

Digitise your spreadsheets. Applying risks and controls to processes and solutions increases your efficiency.

Increased clarity

Our CCM solution lets you easily pull data from multiple sources to give yourself a clearer, more digestible understanding of control execution.

An enhanced overview

Aggregated reporting and clear indicators lighten the load when it comes to monitoring.

Ready and robust

Hit the ground running. Our Continuous Control Monitoring tools are easy to install and ready-to-use.

Real time, no exceptions

Get real time reports and insights on all your exceptions, including standardised reporting.

Rest assured

This solution is SOC2 and ISO27001 compliant. Meaning the most stringent security standards are more than welcome.

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