Cognitive Contract Managementa KPMG Product

Use powerful AI to reduce commercial leakage

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An AI powered tool for identifying operational risks

Our contract management platform enables organisations to quickly and accurately interrogate, analyse and manage their contracts. It automates commercial leakage identification to reduce costs and increase contract compliance.

Why choose Cognitive Contract Management?

On target

Get better accuracy and coverage of contract review through complete reviews of all contracts instead of relying on sampling.

Change focus

Free up your team by reducing the time needed to produce insights into contract compliance and the range of commitments across your entire contract landscape.

Easy access

Make important data elements easy to access for data analytics and regulatory or compliance purposes with our contract management software.

Cut costs

Better identify and shut down commercial leakage with our intuitive contract management tools.

Influence further

The more you use it the more you’ll increase your learnings to improve internal controls and supplier behaviours.

Fresh insight

Manage and gain insights into contract risks of non-leakage areas such as ESG commitments or regulatory requirements.

Cognitive Contract Management