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Take control of your climate based decision making

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A strategic multi-industry risk management tool

Be more effective at board-level strategic decision making. Climate IQ gives you the tools to identify, quantify and manage the impacts on your business from climate change.

Why choose Climate IQ?

TCFD Compliant

Evolve in line with market expectations. Climate IQ includes comprehensive assessment of all climate risk related issues required by the TCFD guidelines.

Appliance of science

Act with confidence by using a tool underpinned by a Nobel prize winning Integrated Assessment Model which draws upon the best of climate science as established by the IPCC to inform economy wide outcomes.

More pathways

View multiple scenarios including 1.5, 2 and 4 degrees scenarios to understand the preparedness of a business model under a range of potential outcomes.

World view

See the effect of systemic economic impacts across global operations and supply chains covering 141 regions and 65 sectors.

Top model

Our climate risk software allows you to harness physical damage projections and climate models from market leading and industry approved providers.

Analyse this

Wield ongoing analysis using existing data and modelling capabilities, saving time, cost and effort. The modular approach to enterprise risk management software can also be adapted to suit your organisation.

A strategic approach to climate risk analysis