4D Insight (4Di)a KPMG Product

A scenario-based approach for building and testing resilience

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A data-driven product to strengthen your resilience

4Di is a scenario-based digital simulation platform that builds the resilience of organisations in a versatile and dynamic format. It creates an immersive, engaging experience through which you can test your organisation’s readiness for any disruptive event and innovate the way you deliver learning within your organisation. Learning is the foundation of a resilient organisation and 4Di creates a safe, evidence-based environment to prepare your organisation for any threat.

Why choose 4Di?

Intuitive and immersive

Easy to use, intuitive platform that builds realism and replicates the pressures of live incidents. Designed to suit all role profiles and seniorities.

Versatile and adaptable to any scenario

Web-based tool that can be used for any scenario and easily tailored to your organisation, with fully configurable set of inject templates.

Cost and time efficient

Bespoke exercises can be developed rapidly, significantly reducing the lead time and cost for scenario development with no dependency on active facilitation.

Scalable and accessible

Run multiple, remote sessions at one time across locations, upskilling your workforce wherever it’s based. It’s a secure, Cloud-based platform, accessible via any device with an internet connection.

Data captured & analysed in real-time

All data captured within the secure platform, providing access to real-time insights and enabling robust findings and recommendations about your organisation and its people.

Develop your people and organisation

Generate individual and team-level metrics instantly. Plus get access to full Continuing Professional Development (CPD) records and personalised learning logs.

Market insight


From as little as 1 participant up to +150 participants attending a single exercise

Infinitely better than a paper feed and the video clips, maps, etc make it a more immersive experience.

Senior Police Commander

Great system for capturing input and serving injects; the IT worked brilliantly and I would definitely recommend using this approach for future exercises.

CSO, Government Department

Engaging modern approach and accessible to all users with relative ease.

C Level Health Executive

Refreshing and vibrant - the 4Di session made me think beyond the typical security related aspects

CISO, Chemical Manufacturing

4D Insight in action

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