KPMG is working with the University of Cambridge to understand how the world of work is changing, starting with what really works when it comes to supporting employees’ mental wellbeing. Following on from the success of the work with the Cambridge Judge Business School to deliver environmental, social and governance (ESG) skills training to employees around the world, this partnership is a global first and sees the University of Cambridge bring together researchers from different disciplines to better understand the factors that affect mental wellbeing at work. It will show how different kinds of support can boost individual mental wellbeing, enhance productivity, and promote a healthy workforce for the future.

This is an exciting partnership which will help us understand the effectiveness of our current and future well-being interventions and shape and strengthen our well-being strategy - enabling colleagues to thrive with us.

KPMG, Chief People Officer

“As we emerge from the pandemic to different ways of working, we are all being impacted by change and now more than ever, businesses will benefit from research and data to help them invest in the right areas to support their workforce, their organisations and to reflect a changing society. “Supporting the mental wellbeing of employees is a key issue in the new world of work for business leaders and this is the first pillar of research we will jointly explore. “Our partnership will research and identify what really works when it comes to supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace, addressing the current lack of data evidencing clear links between mental wellbeing policies and better employee health. “By helping business leaders support their people to thrive at work, we intend to play a role in lifting productivity, delivering wider benefits to the economy and the people who work in it.”

Chris Hearld, Head of Regions, KPMG in the UK

Mental Wellbeing at work

Professor Gordon Harold is leading the Mental Wellbeing programme for the partnership, with Professors Diane Coyle CBE and Sir John Aston.

Gordon explains: "Mental health is the bedrock of a healthy, productive and positive society.

Promoting positive mental health and supporting those who experience or are at risk of mental ill-health is now a national and global priority.

"We will work directly with KPMG and their partners to offer a unique and innovative interdisciplinary research programme that will help us better understand the factors that affect mental wellbeing at work. It will also show how evidence-based support can positively affect individual mental wellbeing, enhance workplace productivity, and promote a healthy workforce for the future.

Supporting the next generation of Founders

Technology will dominate the future of work and our innovative businesses will be central to the growth of the UK economy and creation of exciting new jobs. 

We’re so excited to announce that KPMG have entered a new partnership with Cambridge Enterprise - Founders at the University of Cambridge, a new strategic offering from the University and the ecosystem. Founders builds on the University expertise to support its entrepreneurial community as it brings its technical and social innovation to life through new businesses. It is an end-to-end service supporting entrepreneurs all the way from pre-spinout to scale, hosted by Cambridge Enterprise, the commercialisation arm of the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge has an incredible innovation eco-system focused on Life Sciences and technology and the programme gives us the opportunity to work with successive cohorts of founders in different ways. You can find out more about the partnership here

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