Sustainable IT strategy: you won’t hit your net zero targets without one

ICT accounts for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. That’s doubled in the last decade – and it could reach 20% by 2030. It accounts for 35% of total emissions in communications, and 45% in insurance. And while it accounts for just 2% in retail, that’s still 25 megatonnes of CO2 emissions.

There’s not just an environmental cost. There’s a monetary one too. A fifth (21%) of global electricity consumption will go into making and running IT by 2030. So, a green IT strategy can reduce your spend.

But today, just 18% of large organisations have a comprehensive sustainable IT strategy. They’re often taking a piecemeal, scattergun approach.

Do you have a plan? We do – our Sustainable IT Framework.

5 reasons sustainable IT matters to you

  • 1. Help achieve your net zero targets.

  • 2. Reduce your electricity costs.

  • 3. Improve your talent retention..

  • 4. Mitigate reputational risks to your brand.

  • 5. Comply with new ESG standards and regulations.

Sustainable IT Framework: assess, plan, implement, embed, govern

Our Sustainable IT Framework covers everything you need to implement a sustainable IT function. We can support you during the whole journey – from materiality assessments through to delivery and ongoing measurement. Or we can jump in when and where you need help. 

Realistic sustainable IT targets based on data

You get unparalleled insight into where to prioritise your efforts.

Our accelerators show your green IT maturity and calculate the carbon footprint of your IT equipment, network, data centres and cloud. We provide detailed models that show the impact of different actions. And we make sure you have relevant metrics and KPIs you can use to drive action and show progress.

A plan that aligns your ESG and IT goals

You get a plan that delivers the digital transformation you need, while embedding sustainable practices.

Our IT and innovation experts help you unlock the art of the possible with the latest tech. And our ESG experts help ensure you’re compliant and reaping the benefits of sustainable practices.

Sustainable IT practices across your IT function and supply chain

You get best practices implemented that reduce IT’s environmental footprint – across the digital workplace, application landscape and infrastructure.

Our multidisciplinary team helps you embed sustainable systems and processes, including data centre decarbonisation, measurement of emissions, and DevGreenOps. We help define sustainability requirements and roll them out across your supply chain.

A sustainable IT culture that engages your people

You don’t just get sustainable IT processes. You get a new culture that embeds IT sustainability.

Our change management and learning experts deliver training and change programmes. And our HR transformation experts support in upskilling your teams.

Sustainable IT governance that mitigates risks and drives change

You get sustainable IT practices embedded within your existing IT governance.

We ensure sustainable IT is built in to how you operate. We help you define your governance programme, roll out new policies, and identify sustainable IT champions. And we set up continuous monitoring.