Whether you are a retail or commercial bank lender, building society, specialist lender or private equity firm you will have a range of options to manage your liquidity and capital. Where a transaction is underpinned by a portfolio of assets, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals ready to support you.

Our core services deliver agreed-upon procedures, testing the accuracy of your data and calculations prepared for these transactions. For over 25 years, we have evolved with the market and the shifting regulatory environment to develop solutions that provide quick and dynamic results, helping you to swiftly access the market and your investors when economic conditions are at their best.

Our team of experts has executed over 1,000 deals across a wide range of transaction types as well as asset classes, including: RMBS, ABS, CMBS, CRE CLOs, Synthetic Risk Trades, Covered Bonds & Regulated Covered Bonds, Warehouse/Conduit Funding, Bank of England Schemes and Portfolio Sale/Purchases. This breadth of experience, combined with our strong links into a network of colleagues located across Europe, the US and other major global centres, provides a reliable and responsive service across the full life cycle of a transaction, whatever the circumstance.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in preparing for a transaction and considering feasibility, readiness and capability requirements.

  • Data agreed upon procedures using statistical sampling methodology to compare the asset pool data to supporting source documentation and systems records

  • Checking asset pool data against eligibility criteria

  • Reporting on credit events and final loss amounts for synthetic securitisation transactions

  • Offering circular agreed upon procedures recalculating:
    • portfolio stratification tables and other related data
    • collateral and bond cash flows, based on specified assumptions and methodologies, to check information presented of average lives of notes under various scenarios
  • Skills support to internal audit and compliance reviews

  • Targeted reviews in specific areas, for example: investor reporting; compliance with transaction terms for cash flow receipts; allocations and payments; and third-party servicer processes

  • Post-deal services to support ongoing monitoring, reporting and management activities after completion.

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