Selling your company comes with many questions:

  • Where do I start? 
  • When should I sell? 
  • How do I prepare? 
  • What’s my business worth? 
  • Who should I sell to? 
  • How do I best position my business in the global marketplace?

We intimately understand the challenges faced by our clients across a host of end markets and sectors. This enables us to tailor our approach to each situation and ensure we deliver the best result for them.

Underpinning this deep sector knowledge is our strong track record in successfully completing deals. This means we have the experience and tradecraft required to successfully complete deals in the current M&A environment, as well as the ability to maximise value for you.

KPMG has an internationally recognised brand and a global network, which we leverage to provide insight to explore a global buyer pool. We can use this to unlock strategic value for your business and to help ensure we best position opportunities to potential buyers.


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When it comes to selling a business, every decision counts. Our integrated team of specialists helps you make the right decisions throughout the sales process, combining deep sector knowledge and the foresight that comes from experience.

Securing the best value for a sale is a complex process that involves gaining a more objective view of your company and a more nuanced understanding of current market conditions, as well as defining the agendas of the buyers seated across from you. KPMG Corporate Finance can support you through every phase of the lifecycle, from identifying potential buyers and creating a competitive bidding environment to helping enhance the value of your retained business.

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