Learning Delivery and Operations

Within our faculty, our Learning Delivery and Operations team looks after every aspect of an individual learner’s learning experience.

As well as handling initial enquiries and taking bookings, our team members organise venues and issue joining instructions. They oversee evaluations and assessments of the learning we provide and the impact it has, feeding the results into our continuous improvement processes.

On top of this, they oversee our supplier relationships and manage our finances. They’re in charge of our technology platforms; something that they’re continually looking to enhance. Making best use of automation wherever possible to work with greater speed and efficiency, they’re passionate about providing exceptional levels of customer service to both our clients and customers.

With over 150 dedicated staff (and still growing), all trained to deliver the highest level of customer service, this is the heart of our Learning Services business.

Working across all our learning contracts, the team currently delivers training events to a customer base of half a million potential learners.

An incredibly valuable service

Delivering training to the highest possible standard across an entire organisation brings with it a lot of noise and complexity. The Learning Delivery and Operations team takes all of this away from a client, delivering training in a timely fashion and to the client’s required standard. This is a hugely valuable role within any learning contract but especially when that contract covers mandatory training that is required from a regulatory perspective.

With so many multi-skilled employees and with an agile resourcing model in place, our Delivery and Operations colleagues can be moved across contracts quickly and easily. Able to match resource levels to the inevitable peaks and troughs in customer demand, we can efficiently maintain our required service levels at all times, providing excellent value for money. With this infrastructure in place, we can cope with anything our contracts might unexpectedly throw at us while also continuing to grow our business in a safe, secure and compliant manner.

Our people

Our staff genuinely care about the learning that they’re helping to deliver. They understand the challenges that people face in today’s shifting work landscape and want to help them develop the skills they now require.

Within the team, the people on our customer service frontline are our learning coordinators. These are the people fielding the calls to our helpdesk, dealing with email enquiries or processing online booking requests – and all in a compliant and timely fashion.

Our customer handling model is based on a ‘first point of contact’ principle whereby whoever fields an enquiry will take complete responsibility for resolving that enquiry. Even if they don’t know the answer to a question themselves, they will take charge of finding out, rather than handing the query on to someone else (which can often be a source of customer frustration).

Our coordinators are overseen by team leaders who provide supervision, observation, coaching and line management support and who monitor our quality risk framework.

Our structure

At any point in time, Learning Delivery and Operations comprises several different service centres. Some of these are aligned to specific client contracts while others cut across all our learning contracts by focusing on a single shared service discipline, such as supplier management. Centralising certain operational functions in this way helps us provide a better customer service and delivers efficiency and value for money for our clients.

Alongside the service centres, a service change and transformation team continually looks for ways of improving our customer service and the technology that underpins it. These efforts are supported by our training teams, dedicated to upskilling and developing our own staff and overseeing colleague engagement.

We believe this final point to be hugely important. We’re passionate about our employee experience because we know that colleagues who are enthusiastic, supported and motivated will deliver an even better level of customer service. Plus, as a learning business ourselves, it stands to reason that we’re committed to helping our employees be the best version of themselves that they can possibly be.

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