In our rapidly transforming and hyperconnected digital world, preventing or mitigating cyber attacks can appear nearly impossible, especially when it appears hackers are finding it increasingly easy to breach systems and data.  

To help you deal with the cyber threat, our experts give you the right blend of business understanding and technical expertise. We provide you with contextual visibility of the vulnerabilities, risks and weaknesses associated with defending your critical systems and information from hackers. Penetration testing can be key to any effective cyber defence and for many, it is a requisite part of regulatory standards and compliance. 

So whether it is gaining visibility and confidence in your defences across a challenging estate or supporting you in the detailed scrutiny and assessment of what systems are critical, our expertise and experience can allow you to navigate the complex, in simple business terms. 

When the worst does occur and you suffer a Cyber incident, our experts combine deep business, technical and regulatory experience, enabling them to support return to normal as quickly as possible. We help you identify root causes, what may have been compromised and how to recover systems and services quickly. We can also conduct forensic investigations to enable follow-up actions.   

The first 72 hours of a cyber attack are the most critical but also the most difficult for decision makers in an organisation. We bring the experience of a team of teams who operate in that world day in day out. 

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