KPMG Complaint Handling Procedures for FCA Regulated Activities

FCA Regulated Activities Complaint Handling Procedures

What is a complaint?

The FCA defines a complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction (oral or written) about the provision of, or failure to provide, a financial service. It alleges how you have suffered (or may suffer): 

  • financial loss; 
  • material distress; or 
  • material inconvenience 

Who should a complaint be addressed to?

We ask that in the first instance you address your complaint to the partner at KPMG LLP the UK member firm who handles your affairs. Should you prefer to, you can alternatively address it to: 

Emma-Jane Crossman, Head of FCA Compliance, KPMG LLP, 15 Canada Square, London E14 5GL (Email: for all other FCA relaters matters.

Format of complaints

In order to best manage the complaint, we find that putting down your complaint or concerns in a letter is best. You can of course, make your complaint by any method such as e-mail, telephone or in person.

Investigation of complaints

Where a complaint is received, our Risk & Compliance Unit will investigate it. We aim to assess any complaint fairly, consistently and promptly to determine whether it should be upheld and, if so, what remedial action or redress may be appropriate. We shall resolve it at the earliest opportunity with the aim of doing so within 8 weeks of receipt. 

Referring complaints to non-KPMG member firms

If you complain to us but we are satisfied that the complaint really relates to another firm, or that the complaint relates to us and another firm jointly, we will refer the matter on to that firm (so they can consider your complaint). We will do this promptly and tell you what we have done. We will also provide you with the other firm's contact details.  

Timescale for initially responding to complaints

We will acknowledge your complaint promptly (generally within 5 business days) in writing, and will include written details of our complaints handling procedures. Where we are able to provide a final response immediately, the acknowledgement may be combined with the final response. You will be kept informed of the progress of the investigation. 

Final or other response within 8 weeks

We will either send a final response (as described below) within 8 weeks or, at the end of that period, a response explaining that we are not in a position to make a final response, giving reasons for the delay and indicating when we expect to be able to provide a final response. This response will inform you whether you are entitled to refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (the 'Ombudsman') if you are dissatisfied with the delay, and will enclose a copy of the Ombudsman's explanatory leaflet. 

Final response 

This will either: 

  • uphold the complaint and, where appropriate, offer redress or 
  • reject the complaint and give reasons for doing so.

The final response will advise you whether you may refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you are not satisfied. It will include a copy of the Financial Ombudsman Service's explanatory leaflet.  

Referring complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service

Should you still not be satisfied by our final response, you may be entitled to refer your complaint to the Ombudsman for its consideration. Where you wish to do so, you should do so within 6 months (from the date the final response was issued) as your complaint may otherwise be time-bared under the Ombudsman's rules.  

The Ombudsman can be contacted at the following address: 

Financial Ombudsman Service

South Quay Plaza

183 Marsh Wall


E14 9SR

Tel no:  0845 080 1800