Handling incoming mail

Handling incoming mail

To manage the process of handling incoming post more efficiently we scan all documents received by our Tax practice.  For the avoidance of doubt, this does not apply to our Pensions practice at the current time. 

Scanning enables KPMG to create electronic images of the post received. The scanned material will be delivered to the addressee (or other intended recipient) and stored in our electronic document management system. 

What are the main benefits?

  • Scanning will ensure documents get to the relevant KPMG employee as quickly as possible,
  • It allows us to handle your data in a more secure environment,
  • It provides us with a better means of handling incorrectly or inadequately addressed post, and
  • It supports our business processes where KPMG’s Tax practice stores documents electronically. 

How it works 

All incoming mail is delivered to KPMG as normal and our existing procedures for sorting and filtering that mail still take place.  Once these processes have been completed, all mail destined for staff in our Tax Practice will be opened and scanned by our mail room staff and delivered electronically to a secure location pending collection.  In our major offices, KPMG mail room operations have been outsourced to a third party provider that is subject to the same stringent confidentiality restrictions as the rest of KPMG’s employees.  

You can still post your correspondence via Recorded Delivery.  If incoming mail requires a signature upon receipt it will not be included in this process; it will be delivered in the normal manner to the addressee. 

When we receive your correspondence it is scanned and delivered to an appropriate individual on the same day. The first recipient of the scanned image is a departmental secretary who is responsible for transferring the document to the addressee or the most suitable recipient (typically a member of the service team). 

What happens to the original documents? 

With the exception of the following, all documents are stored, together with your covering letter, for 3 months from the date of receipt. They will then be securely destroyed. 

Original documents submitted to us to complete personal tax returns (where, unless otherwise agreed, they will be retained for a period of six years following the submission of the tax return to HMRC), and any other documents you request us to keep. In these circumstances you should discuss your requirements with your usual KPMG Tax contact in the first instance.