This site is here to help you understand why you are being asked to comply with the same investment requirements of your family member, who works at KPMG. We recognise the rules can feel restrictive and at times complex however they are in place to protect our employees and our firm and it is important to get them right, all of the time.

The following area is for you to explore and to help you understand the independence rules, why they apply to you and the KPMG support to help you and your KPMG family member get this right, not just once but all of the time.

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What is independence and why does it matter to me?


Who is considered an immediate family member?


When am i caught by these rules and when am i no longer required to comply?


What are the KPMG Independence Rules?


Life Triggers and staying compliant


Financial Relationships


Employment Relationships


Making investing safer and simpler introducing KPMG Compliant Portfolio network


Search the KPMG Independence Compliance System

KICS is the KPMG Independence Compliance System. It records all KPMG audit relationships with listed entities, globally. All partners, partner equivalents and client facing KPMG employees are required to have a KICS account that accurately reflect their and their immediate family members investments at all times. KICS notifies if there is a change of relationship – as such an investment may need to be sold quickly.